Get The myWebRoom Clipper

The new myWebRoom Clipper is an easy, interactive way to get the most out of the web. See something cool? Send it to your room! One click is all you need to save and organize all the best stuff you find online.


Discover And Save Awesome New Stuff On The Web

Easily save your favorite images, articles, and videos with the myWebRoom Clipper.

myWebRoom is an interactive content discovery tool that helps you discover, save, and share the awesome videos, articles, and images as they appear on the web. Design your room to show off your own unique personality. Then, click items in the room to get more great content from around the web in feeds based on your interests.


Once It’s In Your Room It’s Yours

Easily save anything from anywhere on the web with the myWebRoom Clipper

Want to try out that recipe? Want to save that funny GIF for later? The myWebRoom Clipper is a browser extension for Chrome that makes this even easier. When you find something you like, click the “my” icon in the upper right corner and find the interest and folder you want to save it in. That’s it! The next time you go to that interest in your room, the page you saved will be waiting for you.

Save your favorite videos, images, and articles from anywhere with the myWebRoom Clipper.

Download the myWebRoom Clipper in the Chrome web store today.