Happy 2nd Birthday, Roomsy!

Time flies! Wish a happy birthday to our lovable startup doggie mascot, Roomsy! He’s now two years old. Roomsy’s been with us since the beginning, running around the office and asking us to throw one of his toys for him to chase. We can’t imagine going through a day without his incredible, happy energy putting smiles on our faces.

Happy 2nd birthday to the myWebRoom mascot, Roomsy!

Wow, he’s a canine teenager now! Does that mean he’s going to start acting rebellious and playing angry music until 2AM? We sure hope not, although he does seem to be more obsessed with who comes in and out of the myWebRoom HQ these days. He gets more loyal as time goes on.

Roomsy over the years with co-founders Artem Fedyaev and John Gonzalez and head of marketing, Daria Rebenok!

Be sure to hit him up on his Twitter feed. He’s always going on about his storied life inside the halls of the myWebRoom offices. He loves to hear from fans!

Happy birthday, Roomsy! We love you!

Roomsy's own doghouse on myWebRoom!