Happy Thanksgiving From myWebRoom 2014!

From our family in San Francisco to your family everywhere, myWebRoom would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. We hope there’s enough warmth, happiness, and joy for you and those around you forever. Here are some images from our feast at mWR HQ.

Here’s @Saran and @Dave getting things ready for our Thanksgiving party!

myWebRoom staff getting ready for Thanksgiving!

Food’s all set! Time to EAT!

myWebRoom Thanksgiving feast!

@Ling is a weightlifter and jumped in to chow d0wn on some grub. And one of our remote curators, @Betangy, makes a rare appearance at the HQ for the special occasion!

photo 4


Food never lasts long at the myWebRoom office.

myWebRoom Family Thanksgiving.


President and co-founder @John pops the bubbly to celebrate our success.

myWebRoom Family Thanksgiving.


The whole family is here for the holiday! Not all of them like how many pictures are being taken. Too bad!



Roomsy isn’t the only dog around the office today. @KristenLichtenstein‘s pal Soda is here, too! Kris and @Dariachko are all about dogs.



Oh, yeah….PIE!!!!

Thanksgiving pie at the myWebRoom HQ.

Even the dogs get to have a little food. Aren’t they adorable?

photo 5

That’s it from us! We hope you’re having a great time, wherever you are. Happy Thanksgiving!