Customize Your Feeds For myWebRoom & myVR

Part of what makes myWebRoom so great is that you control the content you see. If there’s a YouTube channel, blog, or news source you love, you can set up your feeds to give you updates from those sites. And if you’re also connected to myVR, customizing your feeds is the best way to start sharing all your favorite content while you host hangouts with other users. Here’s how:


Follow New Sources

Click the item that represents the feed you want to customize, and then click the “Manage” gear in the feed to add the link. You can add a home page (ex:, but specific pages work even better (


Add a source on mywebroom and myvr


Because your feeds display the most recent content at the top, sites that post new content frequently are ideal.


Edit Existing Sources

When you create your room, your feeds automatically follow a list of sites that we think you’ll love. You can always unfollow sources to make what you see right for you.


Edit existing sources on mywebroom and myvr


Sometimes we add new sources, as well. You’ll see these on your manage page, but won’t be subscribed to them automatically. Check the page every now and then to see what’s new.


It’s Up To You!

Your feeds can be literally anything you want them to be. A couple of our users agreed to let us show off their work so you can see what’s possible.


User @mattg isn’t into DIY, but he loves space. So he completely revamped his DIY feed to turn it into a space news hub! Browse the feed live here.


Custom space feed


User @krash loved her Wellness feed, but wanted to take it a step further. She’s re-named it her Enlightenment feed and filled it with sources all about meditation and positivity! Check it out here.


Custom enlightenment feed


So how will you customize your feeds? Head on over to your room and get started!