How To Grow Your Mustache Style

Hipsters worldwide have initiated the rise of the mustache! Extreme forms of facial hair are becoming all the rage and are even showing up in fashion and home decor. Since the ‘stache is becoming so mainstream, we thought it wise to inform any stylish men out there how to get their own facial hair going. Find out tips on the mustache growing process, be inspired by some guys who have the whole facial hair thing down, and find out how what the ladies think about this trend.

Pro Tips For The Brave – Growing and Maintaining Your ‘Stache

1. Let it grow, let it grow! There is no avoiding the awkward stage, so set your facial hair free.

Jonny Depp letting his facial hair grow out a bit. More mustache styles at the myWebRoom Blog!2. Consider growing a beard first, then shaving away unwanted hair once it’s pretty even.

Let your facial hair grow before cutting back to a mustache. More stache protips at the myWebRoom Blog!3. Know your face! There are looks that will work for you and looks that just won’t. Ron Swanson may look like a boss with his thick mustache, but you might look creepy. Experiment and find what’s best for you.

Ron Swanson ready for a fight and rocking that mustache. More facial hair tips at the myWebRoom Blog!4. Be careful with the wax! Some people use bee’s wax to shape and style their mustache, but if you go overboard, your hair will look stiff and shiny. Eww! No one will want to make out with that!

Awesome huge mustache. More stache styles at the myWebRoom Blog!5. Care for your ‘stache. It’s like your new little baby. You will need to comb, wash, and style it daily. Find a men’s facial soap and try wash your facial hair (and your face) twice a day.

Ron Swanson knows to take care of your mustache. For more manly styles, check out the myWebRoom Blog!

What do the ladies REALLY think about mustaches?

We asked a few women around our office what they think of mustaches. Here are their answers:

“I once had a thing for a guy with a serious ‘stache…. but it’s not typically something I go for.”

Are you into mustaches on men? See what others think at the myWebRoom Blog's style review!

“For me, love it. The more hair the better is my philosophy. Unless you’re one of those that can only grow patches. Then COME ON – shave that mess!”

Mustaches - love them or leave them? More mustache styles at the myWebRoom Blog!

“I used to not like it. AT ALL. But it works for some people, I must say. But even so, I would prefer it not to be too much.”

Beautiful mustaches on beautiful men. More 'stache styles at the myWebRoom Blog.

“I love me some facial scruff, but straight up solo ‘stache? No thank you!”

Classic cool with a mustache. More 'stache styles at the myWebRoom Blog!

“I dig beards more than mustaches!”

We also asked 50 San Francisco ladies how they feel about a good mustache and got these results:

The results of 80 random women from San Francisco weighing in on how they feel about mustaches. More cool mustache facts at the myWebRoom Blog!

‘Stache Style For The Rest Of Us

The thing is, mustaches are everywhere – and on everyTHING! Sales are up on mustache products, so we curated a collection of awesome products over at our shop to get with the trend.

Awesome mustache beer stein. Check out more mustache stylings at the myWebRoom Blog!

Check out this adorable mustache purse with top hat and monocle! Even more mustache styles can be found at the myWebRoom Blog!

Adorable dog with a mustache toy. More trendy mustache stylings at the myWebRoom Blog!

First-Hand Mustache Experience

For inspiration, we interviewed our very own resident mustachioed co-founder, John Gonzalez. Read his mustache story to learn some fun facts about the growing process and how it affects your style. Because let’s face it, you would love to have HALF as much swag as this guy.

San Francisco entrepreneur and co-founder of myWebRoom John Gonzalez goes into style and mustache technique.What inspired your mustache?

Okay, there’s a really funny answer to this. It’s actually a love story. I never knew I was even capable of growing a mustache, so every time I talk about this it’s kind of like a shout-out to all the people who have ever wanted to grow one or to those who think that they can’t do it.

So, I was dating this girl from Chile and she really didn’t care about facial hair. I took that as an opportunity to not shave and while we were seeing each other I kind of decided to try out something I had never done before. So I took it on as a challenge. I didn’t really have to worry about what I looked like because I was already dating someone, so that part of my life was covered. It was a chance to go a little bit out of my comfort zone and experiment.

How did you get started? What were difficulties you faced?

I started by trying out the mustache with the goatee at the same time. I had done the goatee in the past and was a huge fan so I thought the combination would really be something that I hadn’t done before. The difficulty for me was that I could barely grow facial hair. So in the beginning I wasn’t sure if I could go through the weird phase.

The second stage is the acceptance stage when I went home for my little sister’s prom. My parents actually liked it; I was kind of in the first stage of the mustache at that point – really thin and Italian-looking –  and they said it looked good and that I should keep it. If my parents had told me to shave it off then I probably would have not continued to grow it.

Describe your growing process. Were there any awkward stages?

The beginning is always super awkward, especially when you don’t know if you can grow a full mustache. You get to a point where it’s not quite a mustache, but it’s not scruff anymore and it’s very, very random. That’s kind of the stage where a lot of people quit because they aren’t sure how they look, so I just tried to keep myself focused on work and not really think about it. Another awkward stage was when I had one side growing way quicker than the other one, and I noticed one day in a picture and was like oh my God! One side was way bigger than the other one. I had to slowly crop it and now they are pretty even.

Did you try any other styles before you settled on this mustache that just didn’t work for you?

I tried the goatee before, because it seemed like the only area where I could really grow hair a little quicker. But I didn’t really like it that much.

Did others tell you they didn’t like it or did you not like it?

I think it was a little bit of both. It didn’t fit with the style direction that I was going in to, but I do things just to challenge myself so I could have dealt with society if it was something I really wanted; I like to follow through with things. But the goatee was the only other thing I tried with facial hair.

Are there specific tools that you use that work best?

I just use a normal Gilette Fusion razor. I did try bee’s wax at one point because that’s what some people suggested, but it make’s it look very shiny and like you’re putting too much effort into it, so I just went with the more natural look. Since I work with computers all day, my hands are always messing with it because that’s how I think so that helps to shape it. I also have a stylist who trims it for me to keep the sides even.

Since you don’t use bee’s wax or any other product, how do you get it to curl?

So I have actually had people approach me and have the most random mustache conversations, and a lot of people do use the wax. When I’m at work and thinking I just tweak it a little bit. It just kind of stays.

So is this your perfect mustache or do you want to make changes?

Not until I get it completely even on both sides, but for me right now, this is pretty much it. It’s pretty much perfect. And from here on you can go in a bunch of different directions like make it way longer on the sides or whatever, but for right now this is what I want.

Okay, this last question is personal. How does the mustache do with the ladies? Are you more popular with it or without?

I have had women who don’t really care, I’ve had mustache haters, but the most interesting thing is that I have had way more older women approach me. Which is funny because one of the reasons I wanted a mustache was to look a little bit older, especially from the business side. So it has been interesting having the older women approach me. In general I have gotten more attention.

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