How To Make Money And Travel The World After College

The semester is just getting started, and everyone is thinking about how to make the most of what’s ahead. What is the best way to spend Spring Break? Does it make sense to study abroad? What will you do with that degree when you graduate?


Our twenties are the best time to travel the world and broaden our horizons, but the pressure to find and start a steady career makes it hard to see a way to do that. But whether you’re looking to travel over the summer or keep moving after you graduate, there is a way to have all the adventure of your youth while gaining the experience and the income you need for your future.

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Why Look For Work Abroad?


Every college student knows what a great opportunity it is to study abroad, to see and learn about the world, experience new cultures, eat great food, and meet wonderful new people – all while enjoying the freedom of college life. But those opportunities aren’t limited to study abroad programs.


Traveling and working abroad can be an amazing short-term option if you’re only able to get away for the summer or don’t want to tie yourself down to one place for too long. Dulce Taylor at The Sweet Life Is writes about how working as an au pair in Rome and then Australia gave her the chance to become more independent, challenge her preconceptions, and develop new skills all at the same time.

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Admittedly, it can be scary looking ahead to a future in a brand new land when we’ve been told for so many years to settle down after school, but there are more reasons to get over those fears than there are to follow the expected path. This article at Career Addict explains a few of those reasons. For instance, did you know that many careers overseas come with higher salaries and better standards of living than what you would get straight out of college at home?


This decision also doesn’t just have to be about experiencing a new culture or making a higher salary, though those are pretty good reasons on their own! Many of us feel like we don’t have much direction in college, but lots of people who travel actually find their direction abroad. John Haltiwanger at Elite Daily is a great example: his experiences working Georgia inspired him to head to Scotland for grad school and further his education.


So You’ve Decided To Travel After College. What Now?


The best way to ensure a smooth transition into your life as a traveler is to plan ahead. Knowing that you want to work abroad is one thing, but what does it actually mean to live in another country? What documents do you need? How will you manage your money? How will you find your new job in the first place? The good news is it’s not nearly as hard as it sounds.

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Know Where You Want To Go – When choosing the countries you want to target in your travels, it’s as important to keep your options open as it is to know what you want. Singapore and New Zealand top Money Under 30’s list of the best places to live abroad based on things like quality of life and ease of transition. On the other hand, Complex lists Nepal and India as the best places to target for the more budget-conscious among us.


Use The Right Tools To Find The Right Jobs – Beginning a job search is always one of the most intimidating parts of the process, but all you really need to know is the right place to look. These are some of the best resources online for the new international job seeker.

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  • GoAbroad is one of the most comprehensive, popular, and user friendly international job search tools available online, and may be the best place to go to explore your options.
  • Au Pair World is the world’s leading online agency for in-home caregivers, with amazing informational resources, as well as tools for finding the right family for you.
  • TEFL has helped countless students find work teaching English overseas, a job that’s perfect both short- and long-term commitments, and is probably the best online resource to find these deeply fulfilling jobs.


Make Sure Your Paperwork Is In Order – A lot of new travelers are so focused on the destination they forget some of the important details that will make the journey much easier and more fulfilling. Have you thought about whether your bank cards will still work when you move? Do you know if you’ll have medical insurance in place? Take care of these and other easy but important considerations by following Abby Feiner’s useful guide over at Her Campus.

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Get Those Plane Tickets And Get Ready To Go!


The last thing you need to do to follow your dreams, to see the world and make money doing it, is to actually go. You’ll probably be starting your travels on a budget, and it’s important to know how to make those early dollars count. Klassy Kinks has some awesome tips for traveling on a student’s budget. What’s her best tip? Try using The Flight Deal to find the best deals on plane tickets!

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Like what you see here, but still have plans to study for a few more semesters? Check out our list of the Best Places To Study Abroad Before You Graduate!

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