How To Make The Most Out Of myVR

Do you love myWebRoom? Are you ready to take the experience that you love to the next level? After countless hours of hard work from our entire team, we’re happy to bring the website we all love to virtual reality with major upgrades including voice chats! This blog will help you learn about all of the great features that are included with myVR!

Navigation Bar
The Navigation Bar is the starting point for your myVR experience. This is where you’ll gain access to the community, design your room, and find your active content – all of which we will detail for you later on in this blog.

You can also reorient your room using the “My” button on the Navigation Bar. This will help you center your room so you don’t have to physically adjust your body’s position. You can adjust this as many times as you’d like to ensure that you have the most comfortable experience using myVR.

Interacting With Content
To find content in your room, you will use the cursor in myVR. By looking left and right you can find different items that correspond with interests in your room. These items are identified with a specific label that hovers above items once the cursor has been placed over it. Once you find an interest you’d like to explore, click the button on your device to open the explorer. Inside the explorer, you will find tons of articles and videos that are constantly updating. To read an article or watch a video, click the button on your device and start enjoying the best content the web has to offer!

If you’re familiar with myWebRoom, then you already know that we have over 1,200 of the best websites and YouTube channels available in your feeds! However, if this is your first time using myWebRoom or myVR, you may need a little instruction on how to access content.

While in your room, you’ll notice that you have a cursor that follows your head movement. To access content all you have to do is move the cursor over any of our 21 clickable items in the room and click the button on your virtual reality device. A very important note is not every item in the room is clickable and that you can only interact with items that have interest tags that appear above them.

Custom Sources


One of our major features is the ability for our users to add their own sources to their rooms. To add a custom source to your room, you must visit our desktop site,  Sign into your account (you will use the same login name and password for both myVR and myWebRoom), choose the interest you’d like to add the custom source to, click on the “Manage,” button, and type your source into the box under where it says, “ADD A NEW SOURCE TO FOLLOW.” Your source will go through a quick quality check and will start showing up in your room within 24 hours.

Managing Sources

We know that not everyone is going to love all of our sources and that’s why we give you the option to manage which sources you see in your feeds. To manage your sources, visit, sign into your account, choose which feed you would like to manage, and click on the gear next to the word “Manage.” Here you will find all of the sources for that specific interest. To unfollow / follow any source simply click on the unfollow / follow button. If you’ve found that you’d like to re-follow a source you’ve unfollowed, simply revisit the manage sources page again and select follow.


Web Search
Built into myVR is a handy browser that allows you to search the internet using Google. To access the search feature, simply open any interest and click on the “Search” bar in the upper left hand of the browser window. A keyboard will display down below the window, but there is also the option for voice recognition. To use the voice recognition, simply click the microphone in the search bar, say the words of what you’re looking for, and click “Go.” This will bring up the Google search results page.



We are happy to announce that myVR supports voice chat hangouts for up to four people. To call another member of the myVR community, all you have to do is look down at the Navigation bar, click on Community, scroll through the list of people online, and select the person you want to call. You can also use the search function in the upper left-hand corner to find specific members of the community.

After you select someone you want to hang out with, you’ll be transported to their room. If they are online you’ll see a bar across the top of the screen that displays that they are in the room. On the right-hand side of the display bar, there a button that says “Hangout.” Click on “Hangout” to send a notification to that person. Once they accept the call, you’ll be able to hear each other and share screens!

While exploring, you may receive a call from another member of the community. To accept the call, simply click on the green phone icon that appears. If you’d prefer to explore content in private, click on the red phone icon to decline the person’s call.

You will also have the ability to explore anyone’s room even if they are offline. This will allow you to visit other users’ room and explore any of their feeds.



Another unique feature in myVR is the ability to add pages to your Active panel. This acts as a way to store articles or videos so you can come back to them later.

To add something to your actives all you have to do is open any piece of content and click on the image of the three windows with the word “Actives” under it.

To access your actives, simply look down at the Navigation bar and select “Actives.” Anything that you’ve stored will be there until you decide to remove it.

To remove something from your Actives, look down at the Navigation bar, open Actives, and click on the X in the upper right-hand corner of the article or video that you’d like to remove.

Room Customization


One of the biggest aspects of myWebRoom is the ability to design your room. We are currently in the process of bringing our 17,000+ items and our designer to myVR. While we roll out these features and add more items, we’ve included five pre-designed rooms for users to choose between. We promise that the same level of customization that you’ve grown accustomed to will be on its way shortly!

To change your room design, simply look down at the Navigation Bar and click on the Design button. A small window with the name of the room will appear. Simply click on either the left or right arrows to scroll through our pre-designed rooms.

You can download myVR from the Google Play Store right here!