How To Share Your Folders With Friends

Hi, Roomies! We have exciting news!  You can now share folders of your saved content with friends.


Share your folder full of funny pet videos to social media now with myWebRoom.


That means that you can toss all of those cat videos you’ve been collecting into a folder on myWebRoom and then share the folder with your friends in one clean sweep.  


Share your curated folders to social media now with myWebRoom.


Show off all of the cool photos, videos, articles, and gifs that you’ve gathered so that your friends can check out what you’re into!  You can even create wishlists in your folders to send to family and friends.


Public folder settings for myWebRoom.


Don’t want to share a folder? Rest easy.  While all new folders that you create will be set to public, you can easily switch a folder from public to private.  If you’re a current user, all of the folders that you’ve created up until now will automatically be switched to private. Simply hit the public toggle to be able to share them with friends.


Privacy settings for your curated folder on myWebRoom.


We hope you enjoy our new feature and we can’t wait to see what sort of stuff you start sharing!