How To Use myWebRoom for Visual Bookmarking

Get a more personal content curation platform with myWebRoom. Finding to the best websites, videos, and music has never been easier. Simply click any of the items in your room to discover new sites, save your favorite content, and organize your favorite media all from the comfort of a room you can design yourself!

Whether or not you’ve gotten around to designing your room yet, you can still start organizing your favorite sites – here are some tips on how to do it:


Click on the items in your room to access your websites




The stuff you use to decorate your room is the key to accessing your bookmark folders. Click on your items to bring the internet into your room! Each of your items have different types of websites in them. Click on your TV to watch movies and videos, click on your camera to visit photo sharing sites, click on your bookshelf to read blogs and magazines, and so on.


Discover new content




Click on your content cards to play music, watch movies, and discover awesome new websites. You’ll always be greeted with lots of awesome hand-curated content. Our Discover feeds brings the best of the Internet right to your room.


Start adding stuff to your folders




See something you want to save? Just click “Save” on the content card and choose which folder you want to put it in.  You can even add notes to yourself for later.





When you’re exploring and want to save a site to your folders, just click “Save Page” at the top of the screen to add it to whichever one you want.





If you want to add a website, simply click “+” icon at the top of your screen or the “+” card in your bookmark folders. Once you choose which folder you want to put it in, just add a valid URL and any notes you may have and save it! Done with this bookmark? The delete button is in the bottom-right of every bookmark card.


Share your favorite content




Want to share something cool you find? Let everyone know what’s up with the easy share button located at the bottom of each bookmark card. You can even add a note for more detail!


Create your own bookmark folders




Now that you’ve started filling your room with bookmarks for all of your favorite sites, how do you organize them? You can make sure everything is always where it is supposed to be and add new folders to your items. These help you organize your bookmarks so you can easily access.

Making a folder is easy, simply select the room item you want to organize, then click Create New Folder. After you name the folder it’s ready to be filled with whatever you want!


Customize your items!




Want to devote an item to something special? No problem! Just click the item name in the upper left hand corner to rename your item category. Want your hobby item to hold all your music? Just change it to “myMusic” and you’re all set!

myWebRoom is great for discovering and organizing new sites and media. Make the experience even more personal and design your room to perfectly match your tastes. Don’t worry, if you want to change it up you can always save your designs for later.

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