10 Infographics To Improve Any Regular Guy’s Style

For regular guys who just want to look good, chasing trends and donning designer brands is as exhausting as it is expensive. That’s what made us so happy to find web designer Pawara Soh, whose Men’s Fashion Style Guide folder offers a glimpse into the simple strategies that helped him transform his style, express himself, and live confidently.

10 Infographics that will improve any guy's style.


To Pawara, fashion is a form of self-expression, but the seemingly endless combination of conflicting tips from society’s top trendsetters made it impossible for him to find the look that reflected his own personality. It wasn’t until he simplified and focused on himself that everything fell into place. Here are 10 of his favorite tips to help you do the same.


1. Dress For The Occasion

Pawara believes style “comes down to how you present yourself in different social situations.” Because simple doesn’t mean trendy and business doesn’t mean formal, understanding the occasion allows you to show the world the person you most want them to see.


mywebroom blog dsblog male fashion with simple style infographic

Image Via: DS Blog


2. Get The Right Fit For Your Body Type

As important as getting the right style for the occasion is getting the right fit. Even the sharpest outfit in the world will look silly if it’s made for a body type you don’t have. Pawara likes this guide from Buzzfeed which shows how paying attention to your proportions is key.


mywebroom blog buzzfeed male fashion perfect fit style infographic

Image Via: Buzzfeed


3. Build A Better Wardrobe

Pawara’s closet used to overflow with items he didn’t know what to do with, but “by focusing on quality clothing and color combinations instead of quantity, I was able to create a great wardrobe without spending too much.” Lifestyle by PS offers a good guide to do just that.


mywebroom blog lifestylebyps male fashion men's wardrobe essentials style infographic

Image Via: Lifestyle By PS


4. Make The Most Of Strategic Clothing Combinations

Understanding clothing combinations gave Pawara the confidence to reduce his wardrobe and cut his spending without sacrificing his style. Employing those combinations in these strategic ways gave him the confidence to go even further.


mywebroom blog realmenrealstyle male fashion 13 item wardrobe style infographic

Image Via: Real Men Real Style


5. Get The Right Shirt With The Right Pants

If all of this has you worried that you’re going to need to bust out a spreadsheet just to plan your outfits for the week, just remember Pawara’s first rule: simplify. Just knowing that solid pants complement patterned shirts and that denim goes with everything will help you get by.


mywebroom blog visualistan male fashion pant shirt combination style infographic

Image Via: Visualistan


6. Don’t Sleep On A Good Tie

Finishing your outfit comes down to the details. Make sure all your other careful clothing decisions don’t go to waste by knowing how the colors and patterns on your tie offset those of your shirt. Pawara recommends Royal Fashionist’s wardrobe color guide for the shirt and tie beginner.


mywebroom blog royalfashionist male fashion wardrobe color chart style infographic

Image Via: Royal Fashionist


7. Accessorize Like You Mean It

We love that Pawara saved Esquire’s Guide to Frames into his folder, because who hasn’t fantasized about making a dramatic entrance with slick set of shades on and watching the rest of the room try to deal with it? Now we can all get the right frames for our faces and live the dream.


mywebroom blog esquire male fashion sunglass frame guide style infographic

Image Via: Esquire


8. Remember: The Hair Makes The Man

When it comes to hair, it’s easy to avoid the disaster of a bowl cut or a mullet, but Pawara wants to remind us that “getting the right haircut takes more than telling your stylist to use a 1 or a 2.” He loves how this guide to getting the right hair for your head shape keeps the choices easy, though.


mywebroom blog dailyinfographic male fashion head hair style infographic

Image Via: Daily Infographic


9. Smell As Good As You Look

The confidence that Pawara gets from being the best version of himself in any social situation might start with his clothes, but it doesn’t end there. Looking good is great, but the people have noses as well as eyes, and knowing you have the right fragrance makes every situation that much easier.


mywebroom blog lifestylebyps male fashion fragrance style infographic

Image Via: Lifestyle By PS


10. Still Stumped? Here’s Everything You Could Possibly Need


When all else fails, Pawara falls back on LooksGud’s comprehensive collection of men’s fashion infographics. “They’re memorable and easy to understand,” he says. “It’s basically The Bible for any man who wants to look good.” Now that’s an amazing endorsement. Here’s just one example.


mywebroom blog looksgud male fashion roll sleeves style infographic

Image Via: LooksGud


Are you as impressed by Pawara’s choices as we are? If so, why not check out the myStyle explore feed for more!




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