Inside The myWebRoom House party!

By Joshua Burton
Let it not be said that the myWebRoom staff is all work and no play. In celebration of the growth myWebRoom has seen and the recent move we had from our small space in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood to our spacious new office in the Financial District, we threw a big office-warming house party. It was pretty crazy.

Throw a party in style. Here's the grand opening of the myWebRoom HQ!

Our friends over at Zazzle and A&G Merch contributed a ton of amazing wall art and decorations to our office, giving it even more of a artsy feel than we’re used to.

Think your office is nice? Check out the new myWebRoom HQ. Artwork courtesy of Zazzle!

The San Francisco staple Funky Furniture took over our meeting room and provided a unique space for people to lounge around and enjoy some unconventional (but extremely comfortable) furniture.

Funky furniture helps myWebRoom open their new HQ offices in style!

Maxwell Dickson provided us with some amazing décor for our usually quiet corner of the office, bringing it alive with people who wanted to party in style.

We love our maxwell dickson Aubrey Hepburn art at the myWebRoom Blog! We also had a variety of fantastic contemporary art from SFMOMA up on the walls, lending major cred to our party endeavor.
Essentially, we never looked better.

SF MoMA art myWebRoom HQ opening party!

Our DJ kept the noise turned up for us and our bartenders provided fuel for the smiles. Honestly, we had only planned for 80 people to attend, but it seems more people heard about the rager. Oh well, more publicity for us, right?

Think your office is fun? Welcome to the myWebRoom house party! All in all, it was a successful evening. Raffles were had. Prizes were awarded (thanks, Zazzle!), and everyone went home happy. MyWebRoom founders Artem and John were turning up the charm as they made connections, pressed the flesh, and spread the good word of WebRooming to all in attendance. It was like seeing two dads watch their kid graduate high school.

Artem Fedyaev and John Gonzalez announce the opening of the new myWebRoom HQ.
Oh, and Roomsy was everywhere. The little guy was pretty much the star of the party. He had to run around and say hello to everyone and dance with all the guests (which looks a lot like running around and barking).

Roomsy loves parties. What better party can there be than the official opening of the offices of myWebRoom! All in all, the party went off without a hitch and all the real party people went off to the afterparty leaving some of us myWebRoom employees wondering…who’s gonna clean up all this mess?

Welcome to the myWebRoom HQ office opening afterparty! Rest assured, it was a team effort.

One of our favorite rooms adorns the walls in our new HQ. Thanks for all of your support, Roommates! As you can tell from this video recorded at the party, things are only going to get better from here.

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