Introducing The New myWebRoom Design Mode

We’ve been working hard here at the Worldwide myWebRoom HQ to create more of a community and put more control into the hands of our incredibly creative Roomies. To that end, we’re super excited to invite you to get into DESIGN MODE with a ton of new features we’ve developed to make your Rooms even more unique and customizable!

Design Mode ON!

Once you click the Designer you’ve got creative control to click on any item in the room in order to change it or you can open up the Designer tab to access all the cool features we have to offer now.

New Layout

The new Designer tool look for myWebRoom

Yup, everything looks different! The moment you open up the Designer and enter DESIGN MODE you’ll see that the whole panel has changed a bit. All the items can be changed in the ITEMS tab (obvi), which also has new sections like TRENDING and NEW, so you can keep up with what we add and what’s popular.

myWebRoom Designer view for changing Room styles!

In the ROOM tab you can edit the layout of your Room. Reshape the style of your walls, floor, and ceiling with the ROOM THEMES. If you find one of our curator-designed SPECIALTY ROOMS, which is pre-loaded with awesome items, choose from one of those to show off your taste.

myWebRoom Designer inspiration mode.

For some great creative input, check out the INSPIRATION tab to look through the curated COLLECTIONS from our Shop or pop over to the STYLE GALLERY, for an all new feed of Rooms that fellow Roommates like you have published!

Remember, this is your home on the web, so the MY STUFF tab is here to help you organize everything your eyes crave. Here, you can access your SAVED ROOMS,

Share and Publish

myWebRoom's Designer tool lets you share your creations.

Share room designs to the myWebRoom Style Gallery.

What? We’ve also given you a CAPTURE feature to save and publish rooms with? Yeah, you can do that now, too. Save it to the Style Gallery and then publish it to any social media platform from the “My Rooms” section in your Designer.

Sweet New Social Activity!

Check out the new myWebRoom Social Panel!

Get more connected with your roommates. The new social profile has a great new look, right? The added news feed lets you keep up with you roomies and see what they’re designing with. Go ahead and check out what cool stuff they’ve found!

This is a big update! Get out there and explore all that’s new in your Rooms. The new features are specifically designed to give you even more options to make your rooms the perfect place on the web for your lifestyle. Cheers!