It’s Finally SUMMAH!

By Joshua Burton

This country has been through a lot this winter. We’ve had horrible cold and extreme snow throughout the northern part of the United States. Those of us in more temperate places (we shoot this out to you from lovely San Francisco) only got to look on in horror as people in the frozen parts of the Americas had to experience colds so bitter that water would turn to ice crystals in midair. Brrr.


But all of that is OVAH. We now have officially run in from the cold and into the blessed arms of SUMMER. Beaches, sunscreen, and floral patterns are in our future from here until….well….Winter. We have already prepped our Summertime Madness collection for you guys to outfit your WebRooms with.

It's summertime madness myWebRoom.

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If you need help getting into the spirit, here’s a good instructional video on how to properly have a good Summer. Even Zooey Deschanel has trouble with it, sometimes.


Enjoy it while you can, folks, because we all know what all good things come to an end, and anyone who has watched Game of Thrones knows….

Winter is coming to myWebRoom.

Winter is coming to myWebRoom thanks to Game of Thrones.


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