Keep Up With Roommates In The New Social Feed!

Part of being a creative person is getting the proper influences from the people you trust. With the newly-updated social newsfeed, you’ll be able to what your roomies are changing in their rooms and see who is loving your own creations. It’s not a feed full of links and reposts – we have enough of that, right? It’s just a simple, beautiful way to see who’s being active and who loves your style. 

The new myWebRoom social updates are live!

You can now see when people change parts of their rooms and when other Roomies like your rooms. It’s nice to feel appreciated, right? But wait! You can also see what your roommates are interacting with! Did they update their room? What are the adding? You’ll be able to spot new trends AS they happen. That’s some crazy technology stuff.

Find inspiration in your friend's social feed with the new MyWebRoom features!

Visit your friend’s rooms and open up their social panel! Take a moment to browse through their saved rooms. Like something? You can also go to see their saved rooms in the Style Gallery to find new items you may have missed.

Roommate request tab in the myWebRoom social feature.

Don’t forget to check your Roommate request tab every so often. There’s a good chance someone is requesting a key to your room! These let them browse through the stuff in your room. Jeez, Roomsy, you sure are popular. Way to be a showoff.

Enjoy the new features, Roomies. Keep your eyes peeled for more soon to come!