Love, Lies and War – Game of Thrones is BACK!

By Joshua Burton

Ok, so unless you have been stranded on an international space station for three years without WiFi you probably know how awesome Game of Thrones is. And unless you’ve been in a decompression chamber for the past 2 months you probably know that GoT is BACK with a new season. Never has a show made me glad to be born in this century as much as Game of Thrones. This new season has already started with a bang, setting up big storylines with undoubtedly horrible consequences.

Prince Oberyn


Enter Oberyn Martell. Want to make things more interesting? Toss in an angry, beautiful guy with royal blood on a quest for vengeance into a situation. We know so far that he hates Lannisters. But who doesn’t, right? This doesn’t bode well for fan-favorite Tyrion Lannister, but something tells me that Tyrion has plans for the angry young prince from the warmest of the seven kingdoms, Dorne. His vendetta against Tyrion’s father, Tywin, and especially the hulking mountain of a man, Gregor Clegane. Expect things from this man.

Daenerys Targarean Goes to War (again)


The last Targarean is facing the truth of ever fully controlling her dragons as she marches with her army and newly-freed people to the slave-city of Meereen. She’s got a ruthless mercenary, a unsullied warrior, and a disgraced knight fawning over her in what looks like an incredibly violent love rectangle.

Badass Arya


We’ve always known Arya Stark was kind of a force to be reckoned with, but the fourth season has really elevated her to player status. She’s the last free Stark out there and in the company of Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, which isn’t a safe place to be at all. But she kind of proves her worth – and her ferocity. Her journey looks to be a bloody one.

Trouble in Paradise


The weird love between Jaime Lannister and Cersei Baratheon seems to be cooling as Jamie finds his life without a hand and without direction even more challenging than being a prisoner of war.

The Wall


Looks like war is brewing at the wall as wildlings plan to attack it from both sides, which Jon Snow is all too aware of. Having returned a bit disgraced, but far more a man than when he left, it looks like Jon is ready to take on a bit more of a commanding demeanor in his life on the cold, cold wall.

Tyrion’s in Trouble


Beyond Oberyn, Tyrion is also in danger as the walls seem to have heard rumors of a secret relationship between the youngest Lannister and his wife’s chambermaid. What happens when a man’s only ties to house and home is put in danger? This season may be the hardest for Tyrion yet. Politics are cruel in Westeros.

This is the tip of the iceberg, as we’re only past the first episode of the fourth season. March over to your TV bookmarks to keep up with every swing of the sword on Game of Thrones. Also keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Game of Thrones WebRoom we will be releasing! Until then, enjoy making your own kingdoms out there, one WebRoom at a time.


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