Mardi Gras Is Better Than Rio’s Carnival And Here’s Why

There’s no denying that when it comes to parties, Rio de Janeiro pulls out more stops than anywhere else in the world. You’ve seen before how insane Rio’s New Year’s celebration , known as Reveillon, is – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Brazil’s seaside city even hosts an Octoberfest that could make some Germans jealous.


And when it comes to Carnival, Rio might have the glitz and glam, but it doesn’t have the best party in the world. I kept score, and that honor goes to New Orleans and Mardi Gras. So how did the Mardi Gras win the battle? Check it out:


1. The Parade


Mardi Gras Parade Traditions – Steeped in the history and rich culture of New Orleans, Mardi Gras is easily one of the most highly anticipated celebrations in the United States. Philip Ross at IBTimes shows how that history comes together to create one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles in the country.

mywebroom blog mardis gras parade

Image via: ibtimes


Rio Carnival Show-Stopping Spectacle – But you didn’t really expect me to come right out of the gate and say that New Orleans out-parades Rio, did you? These jaw dropping photos collected by The Guardian demonstrate just how foolish that would be. Rio’s parade is downright unreal.

mywebroom blog rio carnival parade

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The Winner: Rio

Score: Rio 1 – New Orleans 0


2. The Food


Rio de Janeiro Street Food – After all that partying you’re bound to get hungry, and Brazil has no shortage of culinary riches. Home to some of the most delicious street food you can imagine – First Bite TV’s Dana Nguyen is here to show you a few that are hard to find anywhere else, like globos and acaraje – Rio makes a strong case for the point.

mywebroom blog best street food in rio

Image via: First Bite TV



New Orleans Diverse Food – But, really. When we’re talking food, New Orleans has homefield advantage. We’re talking shrimp. We’re talking king cake. Yes, we’re talking beignets, and frankly that’s the end of the conversation. Can’t wait to eat those wonders of fried dough? Spicy Southern Kitchen shows you how to make them at home.


Image via: Lushes Food


The Winner: New Orleans

Score: Rio 1 – New Orleans 1


3. The Style


Mardi Gras Style – Perhaps better known for their style on Dia de los Muertos, the people of New Orleans don’t hold back on Mardi Gras. The celebration’s official colors of yellow, purple, and green make for a bold, audacious style every year. Here, Ellarie shows off her beautiful Mardi Gras look to inspire you.

mywebroom blog mardi gras inspired makeup tutorial

Image via: Ellarie


Rio Carnival Style – New Orleans makes a strong case here, but even words like “bold” and “audacious” can’t do justice to the incredible style you’ll find in Rio. You’ve seen proof of how remarkable the costumes are already. Here, youtube star TymetheInfamous’s tutorial shows off how amazing even an at at-home Carnival look can be.

mywebroom blog take me to brazil carnival makeup tutorial

Image via: TymetheInfamous


The Winner: Rio

Score: Rio 2 – New Orleans 1


Honorable Mention: But I have to say, the real winner here is secret option number 3: The hauntingly beautiful costumes that come out for Venice’s Carnival celebration can’t be topped.

mywebroom blog venice carnival 2015

Image via: Venice Carnival


4. The Music


Samba Of Rio – Brazil knows better than anyone that you can’t have samba dancers without samba. Brazilian samba rules Carnival, and it’s some amazing music: Personally, I could put Seu Jorge on repeat and be happy all week. Gadling has a list of some more traditional Carnival tunes for your listening pleasure.

carnival rio horn player mywebroom blog

Image via: Gadling


Jazz Of New Orleans – But really it’s no knock on Rio to say that New Orleans and Mardi Gras win with just one word: Jazz. The Cheat Sheet has a good rundown of some of the best Mardi Gras tunes, and you just can’t argue with heavyweights like Fats Domino and Louis Armstrong.

mywebroom blog louis armstrong new orleans mardi gras

Image via: The Cheat Sheet



The Winner: New Orleans

Score: Rio 2 – New Orleans 2


5. Where It’s Held


Rio de Janeiro – When it comes down to it, Carnival is as much about the place as it is about the party, and Brazil is a truly beautiful place. Anne Collins Howard of Seeing Design peels back the veneer of Carnival to look at the wonders you can find outside Rio at the same time, and it’s wonderful.

mywebroom blog rio drum circle women

Image via: Seeing Design


New Orleans – If you take a moment to step back from the festivities and really look at New Orleans, though, you’ll find a city with such a quiet strength and beauty that it’s impossible not to fall in love, and which puts it over the top. Beth at Local Milk captures that feeling perfectly in this gorgeous series of photos.

mywebroom blog new orleans rio brazil

Image via: flickr


The Winner: New Orleans

Score: Rio 2 – New Orleans 3


What do you think? If it makes you feel any better, I’ll give Rio an extra half point just for this (thanks to Pets Pyjamas for covering it!).

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Image via: Petspyjamas



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