20 Monthly Box Subscriptions That You Have To Try

I recently wrote a blog about amazing startups to watch and one of them really caught my attention. I stumbled upon Cratejoy, which is a website that hosts over well over 300 monthly box subscriptions with more being added all the time. Trying to find the right box can be overwhelming. There is a subscription for any thing you can think of like fitness, health, cookies, nerd inspired, home decor, and clothing.

I reached out to expert box reviewers for their most recommended subscriptions and this is a list of the hottest boxes on the market.


Health & Fitness

If you’re looking to get into shape there are monthly box subscriptions that can help you stay motivated. Here are a few that are definitely worth your time.


1. Strength Crate

strength crate box blog

Image via: Strength Crate


Strength Crate is one of the latest subscriptions to break get into the fitness crate game. They just shipped out their 1st round of crates in June 2015. Something that sets Strength Crate apart from other subscriptions is that they have three different subscription levels: The Warmup Crate, The Game-Day Crate, and the GOAT – Greatest Of All Time – Crate.


strength crate box blog

Image via: Strength Crate


If you are looking to start a regular routine, but have trouble keeping yourself motivated then Strength Crate is perfect. Every month you will have get a new piece of equipment such as that will change up your routine which prevent you from getting bored. I’d suggest for anyone who is just starting to go with the Game-Day Crate to ensure that you get 1 peice of workout equipment.


2. Fit Snack

Fit Snack box blog

Image via: Find Subscription Boxes


Eating healthy can be one of the more difficult challenges when trying to get into shape. I reached out to Brandy from Hello Subscription and she said, “we are really liking Fit Snack for foody-fitness,” and after visiting Fit Snack’s website I can see why.


Fit Snack box blog

Image via: Fit Snack


Fit snack comes with 6-9 different snacks, workout challenges, gear, and other things to keep your active lifestyle going.

As an added bonus, Fit Snack has four major benefits for all of their subscribers:

  • Fit Quarterly – their workout, recipe and inspirational publication.
  • Fit Music – a complimentary workout music mix from one of Hollywood’s hottest DJs, Jonny Fontana.
  • Fit Community – a supportive and active community of members that share tips, ideas, and motivation.
  • Fit Philanthropy – for each box they ship, they donate one meal through Feeding America.


3. Cairn

If you’d rather be outside exploring nature than in the gym pumping iron, you may want to try out a Cairn subscription. Curated and designed for the hiker or camper, you’ll find equipment to aid you in all of your outdoor adventures. Each month the box you receive will have anything from outdoor gear and apparel to skincare products and snacks.


Get Cairn Box

Image via: Get Cairn


A nice feature on Cairn’s website is you are able to go back and look at all the things they’ve included in the past. Some of the highlights of late are the Stanley Adventure Combo Stainless Steel Shot Glass Set and the Brunton Pulse 1500, which is a portable charger that is capable of fully charging your GPS or Smartphone. If you’re ready to get out and see the world, then your first step should be looking into this amazing subscription.


Fashion & Beauty

The fashion and beauty industries are ever changing and what better to stay up on the latest trends than to have them delivered right to your door.


4. POPSUGAR Must Have!

Popsugar Must Have box blog

Image via: Bits and Boxes


If there is a box that is a must-have for any fashionista it’s the POPSUGAR Must Have! Almost everyone I reached out to had something positive to say about this $40 a month box. Lisa from Girl Meets Box considers it to be one of the best value boxes around!


Popsugar Must Have Box Blog

Image via: Nyc Talon


One of the greatest features about this box is that they sometimes do prize giveaways where they drop in a little extra something from their subscribers. One of the most recent prizes is a $100 Gift Card to Sephora for 10 very lucky people – not bad for $40 a month. POPSUGAR also has a limited edition box that you can buy for $195. This price may sound high, but you will receive over $500 worth of quality products. Some of the companies that have been included in past limited edition boxes are Marc Jacobs and Maiyet.


5. Five Four Club

Five Four Club Blog

Image via: Five Four Club


The Five Four Club is one of the most exciting boxes I came across. This men’s monthly box subscription costs $60 a month and guarantee a value of at least $120. The greatest thing about The Five Four Club isn’t just that they customize each box to your style, but that the process of signing up is so easy. All you have to do is pick a few selections, let them know your sizes and check out. Done!


Five Four Club box blog

Image via: Five Four Club


They also have added member benefits that allow you to get free boxes from referring friends, 25% off their online store, and easy size exchanges. Whether you’re a guy looking to stay fresh or someone who is looking for a gift for the stylishly challenged, The Five Four Club has got you covered!


6. Birchbox

Birchbox Box Blog

Image via: Loves and Loathes


Another highly recommended monthly subscription is Birchbox – and for good reason. Instead of sending you entire products that you are stuck with, Birchbox will send you a wide range of samples, including makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances for women, and shaving creams. They also send men’s’ colognes, and a full-sized gadget like bar tools or stylish mens’ accessories.


Birchbox box blog

Image via: Business Insider


Each box is tailored specifically to your hair, skin, and style. Birchbox only costs $10 a month so it’s definitely a low risk box subscription. And who knows, you may fall in love with one of the products – which you’ll be able to purchase from their online store!


Nerd & Geek Boxes

Everyone’s a nerd whether you’d like to admit it or not. We all have our things that we geek out and these monthly subscriptions give us nerds something we can celebrate.


7. Marvel Collector Corp

Marvel Collectors Corp box blog

Image via: That Little Box


One of the suggestions I am really excited about came from Erin from Subscription Box Mom. She said, “Marvel Collector Corp is a new geek and gamer box that has a partnership with Funko. Each box promises at least a $50 value and will contain exclusive apparel, accessories and collectibles.“


Marvel Collector Corps box blog

Image via: That Little Box


Marvel Collector Corp uses a specific theme from the Marvel Universe every two months. For example, the April 2015 box theme Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, while June was Marvel’s Ant Man. I’m super excited about the next box theme which is Secret Wars. You still have plenty of time sign up if you want to get in on that. The Cost is $25 per box or you can sign up for the annual subscription for $150 and receive a special prize every year.


8. 1Up Box

mywebroom bog 1upbox monthly box subscription nerd zelda

Image Via: Youtube


In their own words, 1Up Box tries to offer “something remarkable, something creative, and something unique in which all geeks and gamers can fancy.” Each month, they send an awesome themed box with 5-8 items ranging from gear and art to snacks and toys.


mywebroom blog 1upbox monthly box subscription nerd stuff

Image Via: 1Up Box


A few of the themes from the past have been centered around “galaxy,” “power,” and “nightmare.” The titles may seem a little vague, but when you see what’s in the box it all makes sense. The “galaxy” box was filled with Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy collectibles. At around $20 a month after shipping, it’s definitely worth taking a risk. But if you are already convinced they have other subscription models that give you a discount per box if you sign up for a longer period of time.


9. Gamer Girl Monthly

Gamer Girl Box Blog

Image via: Beeju Boxes


A large population of gamers are women and there is a box that is designed just for them. Gamer Girl Monthly was suggested to me by Brandy from Hello Subscription, who gave a great review of it on her site.


Gamer Girl Monthly Box Blog

Image via: Beeju Boxes


Every month, female gamers can look forward to at least three pieces of gaming-related jewelry, a Gamer Girl Monthly Pin, and a mystery item. Gamer Girl Monthly costs $13 per month as well as a $3.99 shipping cost. Now go ahead girls, get your nerd on!

Pet Box Subscriptions

My corgi, Moose, is easily my best friend. So whenever I get the chance to treat him to something nice I make sure that I do so. Here are a few of the fantastic boxes for our furriest family members.


10. Paw Pack

Paw Pack Box Blog

Image via: Hello Subscription


One of my favorite pet boxes is Paw Pack. I am very careful about what I give my dog so when I found out that their products were all-natural and organic I was sold! You also have the option of cat or dog boxes and if your pet happens to have special allergy requirements, there are options for them as well!


Paw Pack Corgi Box Subscription


Paw Pack comes with a mix of toys, chews, bones, treats, and accessories for your furry friend. Paw Pack is $35 a month but when you want to get the highest quality treats for your cat or dog, it ends up being a really good deal.


11. Cat Lady

Cat Lady Box Blog

Image via: Cat Lady


Has anyone ever called you a crazy cat lady? Well don’t get offended because there are lots of people out there just like you! Cat Lady comes with two different options – the regular Cat Lady box and the Crazy Cat Lady Box.


Cat Lady Box Blog

Image via: Cat Lady


With the standard box, you’ll receive 2-3 cat-themed items that can range from from jewelry and shirts to home decor, books, mugs and more. With the Crazy Cat Lady box you’ll receive the items I mentioned before, plus two additional items just for your cat! The standard box will run you $34.99 while the Crazy Cat Box will run you $39.99


12. Horse Box

Horse Box Subscription Box Blog

Image via: Subscription Boxes


Yes, you read that correctly, Horse Box is a real thing and is perfect for all of you equestrian enthusiasts. Horse Box started back in 2013 and since then they have created multiple boxes to fit different needs for your horse. You can select between the Horse Box, Tack Box, Barn Box, and Horse Box Mini.


A Horse Box Box Blog

Image via: A Horse Box


While the Horse Box has three different subscription types; one, three, or six months, the Tack Box and Barn Box are single-month boxes. The Horse Box Mini is a box that you can customize yourself and for party favors. Out of all the research I’ve done, this is the first time I have seen anything like that.


Special Mention

There are some boxes that don’t fit into the categories above, but deserve a special mention.


13. Phone Case of the Month

Phone Case of the Month Box Blog

Image via: A Mom Less Ordinary


Most people probably hang on to their phone cases until they become cracked and dirty. With Phone Case of the Month you can dress up your phone with a new stylish case every month. One thing that I really like about Phone Case of the Month is that these low-profile cases are limited to 200 of each printing so the chances of you having the same case as someone else is highly unlikely.


Phone Case of the Month Box Blog

Image via: Mommy Splurge


These cases fit iPhone 4-iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S3-S6. The $10 a month price tag is a small price to protect your favorite electronic device and if you sign up for a full year you can save $31 making the total price $89. What a steal!


14. Battlbox

Battlbox Subscription

Image via: Battlbox


Battlbox is a relatively new monthly subscription that delivers survival tools straight to your home. They have four different levels; Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. As you would imagine, the higher you go the more tools you receive, and if you sign up for the Pro Plus you receive the Knife of the Month.


Battlbox subscription box

Image via: Battlbox


Some of the past items have included survival blankets, waterproof fire starters, flashlights, tactical clothes, watches, and more. The plans start out at $24.99, but if you are serious about survival, the Battlbox Pro Plus will run you $149.99. Now when that zombie apocalypse breaks out, you’ll be ready to go.


Free & Inexpensive Subscription Boxes

If you’ve made it this far and you still aren’t convinced that the monthly box life is for you, there are a few free and cheap boxes that was suggested to me by Wendy from 2 Little Rosebuds that may help you over that hump.


15. Graze

Graze box blog

Image via: The Saint Online


Graze is a snack box that allows you to customize your favorite snacks and you can even choose different types of boxes such as, 4 snack variety box, 8 snack variety box, calorie count box, savory box, and sugar count box.


Graze box blog

Image via: Emiloue


Once you decide on what snacks you want, you can get try them out by getting your first 4 snack variety box free. Then from there you can decide if you want to stick with the 4 snack box for $6.99 or 8 snack box for $11.98. Regardless of what you decide, you can look forward to knowing that one time a month you will have delicious treats waiting for you when you get home


16. Bulu Box

Bulu Box subscription blog

Image via: Fitful Focus


Bulu Box could have easily been included in the Fitness and Health category, but because of it’s inexpensive price tag I wanted to include it here. Much like Birchbox, Bulu Box sends you samples of healthy foods for $9.99 a month.


Bulu Box Subscription Blog

Image via: Gold Standard Women


Currently Bulu Box has a coupon that allows you to take 50% off for the entire lifetime of your subscription. At a little less than $5 a month, what do you have to lose?


17. Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee subscription blog

Image via: Gwynnie Bee


Gwynnie Bee could have easily been placed in another category as well, but because of their 30 day free trial I figured it would fit better along with the cheap boxes. With Gwynnie Bee you are able to rent out women’s clothes, sizes 10-32 for an “unlimited wardrobe.” You can browse their shop without signing up to see if the clothes fit your style, and members even upload pictures of themselves styling their Gwynnie Bee wardrobes.

18. Pampered Teacher


Pampered Teacher Box Blog

Image via: Pampered Teacher


Most adults can probably look back on their childhood and remember that one special teacher that changed their lives. Some of those people have probably even grown up to help inspire children. For any of those educators, past or present, there is the Pampered Teacher monthly subscription.


Pampered Teacher Box Blog

Image via: Pampered Teacher


Pampered Teacher is considered a lifestyle care package that comes with anything from lunch clutches, designer tissue pouches, earrings, snacks, and more. I reached out to Sany from Subaholic, “It’s a small business subscription company but many our of viewers think this box is a VERY creative idea. A giftbox for teachers!” she said. Right now Pampered Teacher is tailored towards women, but hopefully this box takes off and there will be an option for men.


19. My Pretend Place

My Pretend Place Box Blog

Image via: My Pretend Place


Getting kids to be active isn’t always an easy task, but My Pretend Place tries to remedy that with their incredible monthly/quarterly box subscriptions.


My Pretend Place Box Blog

Image via: My Pretend Place


Subscription Box expert Wendy, from 2 Little Rosebuds said, “They have both a ‘dress up’ box and a ‘projects’ box. The dress up box includes a themed costume and other activities/books/toys to go along with it. The projects box includes themed craft projects with enough materials for two children to complete.” Each quarterly dress up box is tailored for children ages 3-6 and comes in boy, girl, and neutral options. The project box is comes with a new project for your kids to work on every month. If you are looking for a great way to engage your kids in fun filled activities these are your best options!


20. Bespoke Post

Bespoke box blog

Image via: Bespoke


Recommended by Lisa from Subscription Therapy, Bespoke Post is an amazing men’s lifestyle subscription box. Each month Bespoke Post’s haul is filled with different themes such as beer, outdoors, BBQ, shaving, and more.


Bespoke Box Blog



One of the highlights from Bespoke Post is that you can buy one of the past boxes and you can also buy individual items from their shop. If you’ve been looking for a gift for that special guy in your life or what to treat yourself to a monthly box of manly goodness, then Bespoke Post is definitely worth your time.

I hope you enjoyed all of these super cool subscriptions. I’ll leave you with a little rundown of the overall types of box subscriptions you’ll find out there. Have fun finding your favorite! You can find a link to all of these subscriptions and bloggers that were mentioned in this post down below!


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