10 Most Fashionable Vloggers To Follow For Shopping Hauls

Online shopping is one of my absolute favorite activities!  I’ve learned from experience that sometimes shopping online can be hit or miss; products don’t always look the same on a company’s website as they do in person.  Because of this, vlogs have become one of my favorite resources when it comes to shopping!  Shopping hauls give me an opportunity to see just what an item looks like and even inspiration on how to style it.  I’ve compiled a list of fashion, beauty, and decor vloggers that I turn to when deciding what to buy.  Enjoy!


1. BeautyByMrsOutlaw: I really enjoy Ivett’s shopping hauls because her style is so fun – think wild patterns, bright colors, and cutesy little shoes!  She inspires me to purchase and style pieces that are a little bit out of my comfort zone and to add some excitement to my wardrobe.


2. Bentley Blonde: Before you’re even finished watching a vlog by Wendy of Bentley Blonde, you will want to be her best friend!  Wendy is absolutely adorable, and her love of mason jars and all things girly makes me smile.  My favorite part of Wendy’s vlogs is when she shares a gorgeous item, and you learn that she purchased it in a dollar aisle or clearance section then put some simple finishing touches on it that transformed it from basic to fabulous!


3. Bondbeautyful: I’m a blogger on a budget, so I always appreciate reviews of drugstore beauty products.  The majority of Bondbeautyful’s hauls are from her drugstore makeup purchases, and I really value her advice, not on which products to purchase and pass on, but why I should pass on them!


4. Brooke Miccio: Brooke’s hauls give viewers an opportunity to follow along with her college experience!  Her hauls include shopping for her college wardrobe, fun school supplies, and her dorm room.  If you’re in college, you’ll relate, and if you aren’t in college, you’ll enjoy living vicariously through her!


5. Charmaine Dulak: Charmaine’s hauls are a little bit of everything girly – fashion, beauty, and cute office and crafting supplies!  As someone who strives to be more organized, I love all of the functional and adorable organizational supplies Charmaine features.


6. Elle Florence: It can be difficult to find attire that is both professional and fashionable.  This is precisely why I love Elle’s channel – the pieces are perfect for young professionals like myself!  Her hauls are season specific, so most of the pieces you see in the hauls are still available for purchase.


7. Graceful + lovely: If you’re looking for home decor inspiration, Lori of graceful + lovely is your girl!  I have champagne tastes on a beer budget, so I look to Lori for pieces that look very high end, but come from affordable stores like Target, TJ Maxx, and World Market.  She never disappoints!


8. It’s Lina Mar: I’m hooked on Lina’s videos – partially because the vlogs alone are gorgeous, and partially because she has the cutest English accent!  My favorite thing about Lina’s vlogs is that she doesn’t dwell on an item.  She shows it, thoroughly describes it, and moves on to the next item in her haul.


9. Kelly Diane: I come to Kelly’s vlog for her sweet, bubbly personality, and stay for her preppy fashion hauls.  You’ll relate to Kelly because of her “impulse buys” – whether it be a new watch, Kate Spade bag, or huge bag full of goodies from Lush!


10. LeSassafras: I turn to Winnie of LeSassafras for fashion hauls.  My style is pretty classic, so I look to Winnie for inspiration on styling very “on trend” pieces!  Her attention to detail is impeccable; you never have to wonder where the zipper is on an item or how it’s sized.  She explains it all!


For more awesome shopping hauls, check out the style & beauty feed in your room!

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