10 Most Popular Gadget and Tech Reviewers You Need to Follow

When it comes to the hottest tech gadgets, it’s hard to know who you can trust! I rounded up the best and most trusted tech reviewers out there so you can feel safe about your tech purchases!

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1. Unbox Therapy:Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy has some of the coolest new tech that you seriously have to see. He recently did a video on a monster 14-core killer computer from Maingear that will make you drool. He also has a great feature called “Does It Suck” which he reviews tech items which may be strange, cheap, or something you may be on the fence about. He will then let you know if it’s worth your money! Lewis also adds a bit of humor to his videos, which is nice because some other tech reviewers can be quite boring.


2. Dave Lee: Dave Lee does a lot of reviews on smartphones, tablets, gaming laptops, and other interesting tech items. What sets him apart is that he also gives tutorials on some of the items that he reviews which helps his viewers get acquainted with their newest tech items.


3. Will It Blend? Obviously this blog is about tech, but what if you’d rather see technology destroyed? Then you have to watch the fantastic Will It Blend series by Blendtec! Blendtec will take awesome tech products and other random items and put them in a blender. Sound silly? Tell that to over 267 million views and 800,000 subscribers.


4. Tech Source: Edgar Oganesyan has an awesome channel on youtube called Tech Source. Along with product reviews he also has a great video series called “Setup Wars,” where he discusses viewer submitted computer setups and gives them advice on how they can improve it. As soon as I can get a decent computer, I’m definitely going to submit my setup!


5. UrAverageConsumer: UrAverageConsumer’s Youtube channel has a ton of features such as comparison videos, unboxings, top 5 lists, and reviews. One of the best aspects of UrAverageConsumer’s channel is that he reviews a wide range of tech. If you’re looking to get great advice on gaming items, workout tech, laptops, headphones, home tech, and more, UrAverageConsumer is your man!


6. TLD: Jonathan Morrison from TLD not only does product reviews, but also has great videos on the coolest tech on the planet and top tech under certain price points, such as top 5 tech under $50. He doesn’t just focus on computers and smartphones, but also has great features on home, back to school, gaming and more.


7. LinusTechTips: LinusTechTips may be one of the most popular tech channels on Youtube and for good reason. Linus has a ton of how-to’s, PC build and buyer guides, as well as unboxings. He also has a weekly live stream on Twitch where he talks about what’s going on in the tech world.

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8. Jason Evangehlo Earlier this year I reached out to Jason Evangehlo for an opinion on most anticipated video games and ever since then I’ve been following his posts. While his main focus is on video game news and reviews, he also reviews hardware. Jason is one of the most honest reviewers that I’ve ever come across and I really trust his opinion.

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9. Make Use Of: Make Use Of isn’t just one blogger, but many people writing product reviews, smart home, DIY, office productivity, tech explanations, gaming, deals, and more. All of their subjects are written by people who are passionate about their fields and you can really see it in their writing. If you’re looking for a single stop when it comes to tech related articles, Make Use Of is the perfect website.

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10. Jennifer Wagner: There are a ton of gadgets out there, but I feel one aspect that gets overlooked is family tech. Jennifer Wagner from About.com writes informative posts that give valuable insight on family friendly apps, wearables, games and more.

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Well there you have it! Those are some of favorite tech bloggers and vloggers! Make sure you save all of these awesome sites and channels to your room so you can access them quickly and easily!



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