myWebRoom & AHAlife Craft A Perfect Relationship

We’re super excited to announce the monumental partnership with AHAlife, a marketplace for discovering specialty artisan goods from all over the world. With this new relationship, we can bring more products into our Shop, ranging from high quality decor to cutting-edge technology. AHAlife’s impressive selection of products gives us a huge inventory to work with.

Not only does AHAlife have an extensive catalogue, but the quality of merchandise that you can find on their site is impressive. Much like myWebRoom, their content is hand-picked from over 1000 individual artists from all over the world. These small designers don’t have huge companies to distribute their wares, so the products you find aren’t the products of giant manufacturing machines.

The AHAlife curators range from White House interior designers to television style professionals, to freelance fashion stylists, to underage DJ’s.  myWebRoom will now be a place where equally creative people can interact with these products and arrange them in their visual online lifestyle.

AHAlife joins myWebRoom in bringing quality artisan products to the masses.

When you visit AHAlife in our featured store section of the Shop, you’ll notice a huge selection of their specialty products. We were sure to scour their site for the best items we could find. And as time goes on, we’ll only be adding more. Keep on the lookout for more AHAlife products filtering into the Shop as our curators discover even more of their incredible finds.

Crazy cool AHAlife products available to design with now at myWebRoom!!