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myWebRoom has exciting news! With classes back in session, we’ve transformed our popular BOX item to cover school related tools! Now, you can find everything that you need from easy dorm recipes to online tools to survive college. Here are some of our favorite new sources in your SCHOOL item.


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1. Popplet – Digital Learning ToolAs a visual tool that is perfect for learning at home and in the classroom, Popplet is ideal for students of any age. Think about it as a visual mind-map – you can capture facts, thoughts, and images and create relationships between them through your laptop or tablet.

Popplet is a visual student tool for making study guides

Image via: Popplet


2. Desmos – Math Made FunIf you’ve ever shopped around for a heavy-duty graphing calculator, you know that the average price is enough to put a dent in your college budget. Desmos is an online tool that offers a powerful graphing calculator capable of solving complex equations in an instant. The tool is completely free and comes with fun math games and learning tools.

Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that makes learning fun

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3. Writing House – Automatic Bibliography MakerThe tricky pitfall of writing papers is the fear of accidentally committing plagiarism. One wrong citation and you can find yourself is a tough situation. Luckily, there are sites like the Writing House, which automatically whips up bibliographies and citations for you. Just set your preference to MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard style and the site will take care of the rest.

A free tool that makes automatic bibliographies and citations for academic papers

Image via: Writinghouse


4. 15 Student Apps to Help You Hack CollegeThere are too many amazing apps designed to make your academic career a little easier to list here. Luckily, myWebRoom has already reached out to professors, students, and alumni to find the best student apps to get you through the next four years!

Fiverr helps you find part time jobs to make extra money


5. 31 Best Back-to-School Sales and DealsBack to school shopping can get expensive. Between buying clothes, a new laptop, and new textbooks, your school supplies can leave your wallet very thin. Here’s a list of 31 stores that offer student deals to college kids and their families.

Save at these 31 stores that offer student discounts

Image via: Go Banking Rates


6. Student Rate – Hot Student DiscountsIf you miss the discount rush before classes start, you can still find some amazing academic steals on Student Rate. This site actively looks for stores and companies that offer student coupons throughout the year.

SR Trends is a student discount site that shares store coupons

Image via: SR Trends


7. From Student Discounts to Student TechSometimes, you need a little financial aid to cover all of the crazy costs of college. Luckily, we have you covered in a previous myWebRoom Fave. We scoured the web for awesome scholarships, discount sites, interior design websites, and college life advice that focus on making the next four years a little easier!

packing for college blog

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8. How to Survive As A Student – Basic RecipesTrust me – having pizza every night starts out as an awesome experience but eventually spirals into a dark and doughy place. There are small ways to hack your cafeteria’s offerings so that you can enjoy a foodie’s lifestyle on a student budget. Here are some delicious, basic recipes to get you started.

chicken fajitas cc


9. How to Acquire Art CheaplyString lights and popular movie posters? Every kid on your floor will have those. Decorate your college dorm so thats it’s an amazing and stylish representation of your personality! Here are some easy ways to find affordable art for your dorm walls. For more dorm decorating tips, check out this DIY dorm post.

five easy recipes to make in your college dorm kitchen


10. The 18 Best Places to Study AbroadHeading off to college and meeting new people is one of the best experiences that you could have. Why not take it a step further and venture out to a new country? Here’s a list of 9 amazing country and 18 schools with cool, cheap programs!

the 18 best places to study abroad


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