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1. Hack College: It’s that time of year again! From mid-August to late-September, college students are packing up their cars and heading back to classes. For tips and tricks on how to survive and enjoy your next four years in college, check out Hack College. They offer tips from note-taking to dorm decor to hidden student perks!

Hack College shares helpful tips on how to enjoy college life

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2. The Everygirl: For any Roommate that’s about to strike out and make it on their own, it helps to have a little guidance along the way. The Everygirl offers helpful tips on finding the right career, learning how to budget, welding your creativity, and figuring out life.

The Everygirl shares career and lifestyle advice, college advice, and life hacks

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Found in: Shopping

3. Retail Me Not: This retail site features the best deals happening at your favorite stores. If you’re clever with your coupons, you can walk away with discounts that range from 10% to 80% off your purchases. The best thing about this site is that it relies on its users to submit awesome new coupons!

Retail Me Not is an online discount and coupon sharing service

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4. Moms Who Save: No one wants to spend their entire tuition on full-priced goods when you can find a good deal! Moms Who Save is your one-stop shop to find discount codes for clothes, school gear, groceries, travel, and pet needs. The site also hosts amazing -and frequent – giveaways for everything from workout gear to Amazon gift cards!

Moms Who Save is an online discount and coupon sharing site that offers giveaways and prizes

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Found in: Fashion

5. The Gloss: From learning how to channel your inner pop diva to sharing the best – and worst – fashion advice they’ve heard, The Gloss is there to help you stay on trend. Follow celebrity style, learn how to tackle seasonal sales, and dress for your style with their helpful guides.

The Gloss is an online fashion and beauty magazine

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Found in: Sports

6. The Solid Verbal: Like I mentioned before, it’s the start of college. That means it’s time to start rooting for your team – it’s college football season! Listen to The Solid Verbal,a popular sports podcast, as they talk about the upcoming teams, solid players, and give advice on how to tailgate like a pro!

The Solid Verbal is a popular college football podcast

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7. Body Rock: Summer swimsuit season may be winding down to a close, but that also means that the holiday season is coming. Keep yourself fit with the intense workouts, handy diet guides, and delicious recipes you can find at the Body Rock. They offer workouts that range from beginner runners to expert weightlifters.

Body Rock is a fitness site that offers workouts and diet plans

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Found in: Travel

8. Budget Traveller: We all dream of going on an adventure. Whether it’s a road trip to see famous landmarks or a trip around the world, we all want to feed our inner traveller. Learn how to plan an amazing vacation under your budget with the helpful travel guides and hacks at the Budget Traveller.

Budget Traveller shares budget travel guides and budget travel ideas

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Found in: Food

9. 5 Dollar Dinner: We love eating, but sometimes dining out leaves a painful dent in our wallets. Spruce up your homemade meals with some delicious recipes that fall under a five dollar budget. 5 Dollar Dinner has everything from simple recipes to weeklong recipe guides.

5 Dollar Dinners.com_


Found in: Music

10. I Heart Radio: If you’re bored with your current music and want to discover your new favorite band, turn to I Heart Radio. They offer genres that range from rock, country, and hip-hop to specialized dance playlists, obscure world folk, and podcasts! Just fill in your musical taste and they’ll take care of the rest.

I heart radio is a free music streaming service that also hosts radio shows and podcasts

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