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1.Playbuzz: Want to find out which Disney Princess you are? Playbuzz  hosts thousands of quizzes ranging from celebrities to comics! You can even make your own quiz that will be seen by thousands of people!
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2.Coursera: Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to take classes from the world’s top universities like Stanford, Yale, and Princeton? Coursera has over 1000 courses from 121 institutions that cover 25 different categories. The best part, most of these courses are free!

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Image via: Ada Fruit Want to change the world one correct answer at a time? will donate ten grains of rice for every answer you get correct on various subjects such as art, English, chemistry, and more!

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4. Three Corgis: Three Corgis is a website about, you guessed it, three corgis. Cupcake, Hambone, and Wolfgang are exactly what you need if you are looking for a daily dose of adorable!

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5. If you’re looking for a great website to pass time, look no further than This website allows you to make Jackson Pollock style paintings on the web by simply moving the mouse. Want to switch colors? No problem! Just click the mouse button and start creating masterpieces.

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6. Kinda Funny: Kinda Funny was founded from former IGN employees Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty. They have great discussions and podcasts about gaming, comics, movies, and more.

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7. Need a break? is filled with relaxing sounds that can help ease your busy mind. Choose between their 25 different themes and feel your stress melt away. Weekly Recommendations

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8.Travel Break: Traveling is great, but let’s be honest, it can be a hassle. Travel Break is full of great traveling tips, destination recommendations, and beautiful pictures from around the world.

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9.Can I Stream It: Want to find if your favorite movie or TV show is available for streaming? Just type in whatever you want to watch into the Can I Stream It search to see if your movie or show is available on Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and more!

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10.Background Burner:  Removing the background from images can be a pain – especially if you don’t have a program like Photoshop. Background Burner will remove the background of any image in around a minute. If for some reason Background Burner doesn’t remove exactly what you want, you can easily touch this up their useful set of tools.

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