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1. Cecil the lion rallies the internet for justice: By now, most of you have heard that the famous black-maned lion was recently hunted and killed by an American dentist. As the beloved star attraction at the Hwange national park in Zimbabwe, Cecil’s death has led to immediate backlash against the dentist in questions, considerable public outcry, and raised awareness towards conservationist efforts.


2. Michael Jackson’s white glove to sell for $20,000: In lighter news, you can get your hand on one of the King of Pop’s famous white-sequined gloves. This privately owned staple of Jackson’s wardrobe is going up for auction with a starting bid of $20,000!

Rare Michael Jackson sequined glove is up for auction with a starting bid of 20,000

Image via: The Guardian


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3. Gilbert Arenas scores too much at county fairs and gets banned: What happens when you pitch a retired pro-basketball player against a free-throw game at the county fair? A whole heap of prizes. Gilbert Arenas ended up winning so many prizes at the fair that he found himself with a ban!

Gilbert Arenas wins multiple prizes at county fair basketball and gets banned

Image via: Bleacher Report


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4. Harry Potter/ Wiz Khalifa Mashup is giving us the feels: It’s been a couple of years since we said goodbye to our favorite boy wizard. This clever mashup combines iconic scenes from the Harry Potter films with a soundtrack to Wiz Kalifa’s “See You Again.” Keep the tissues nearby, my fellow Muggles.


5. Watch a couple of Scottish police help ducklings make the street crossing: Get ready for your heart to melt a little. Some kind samaritan shared this video of Scottish police officers escorting a family of ducks away from a busy street and towards watery safety.


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6. Girl Meets World is slowly bringing back old favorites from Boy Meets World: Children of the nineties, get ready for some major flashbacks. Turns out that Mr. Turner from Boy Meets World survived his accident and is still an active influence on Cory and Topanga.

Girl Meets World brings back an old Boy Meets World Favorite with Mr. Turner

Image via: Buzzfeed


7. Finally – the trailer for the final Hunger Games film came out: May the odds be ever in your favor, tributes. The first trailer for Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 premiered this week and promises some exciting intrigue, hope, and action in the final film.


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8. Child receives the first successful double hand transplant: After six years without hands, a 8-year old now has the joy of being the first recipient in a successful bilateral hand transplant on a child! High five!

A child goes through the first successful double hand transplant

Image via: IFL Science


9. Google Maps whips out the sass when it comes to driving ETA: Oh, the pain of a lengthy drive. The snacks are gone, your playlist is on it’s third loop, and you’re still not at your destination. Did you know that you can bug Google Maps by asking, “Are we there yet?” How about the fact that she’ll give you some ‘tude if you keep on asking?


10. Watch a colorblind man see color for the first time: This week, we shared a link to the first bionic eyes surgery. Did you know that there is also a pair of sunglass that can transmit messages through your eyes? You can watch as a colorblind man experience the full spectrum of color for the first time!

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