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1. Russian researchers stumble across a mythical Giant Squid: We’re always in search of the next crazy monster or scientific discover. That being said – if a crew of Russian researchers come across a giant and terrifying version of the Giant Squid, we’ll immediately think about the early days of ocean explorations and myths of the mighty Kraken.


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2. An 80-year old man goes through the world’s first bionic eye implant: For all those fine folk who are squinting at this screen through prescribed lenses, you’ve got great news! An 80-year old man from Manchester, England just went through the first successful bionic eye implant!

British residents goes through the first successful bionic eye transplant

Image via: BBC


3. Two friends learn how to wirelessly control cars: Time to start paying even more attention to the road! Hackers recently exposed issues in a vehicles hardware to demonstrate the ease in which one can lose control of their car. No need to worry – the experiment was known about in advance and didn’t come as too much of a surprise to the volunteer driver.

Two friends and hackers learn how to hack into a car

Image via: Wired


4. SF Police are now riding quad bikes that can transform into Jet Skis: Three quad bikes capable of converting from land to see have been donated to the SFPD. These handy little vehicles will make it easier to patrol the lengths of beach that surround San Francisco.

SFPD has new quad bikes that transform into jet skis

Image via: Gizmodo


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5. Renowned scientists warn about the dangers of AI: Over a thousand renown scientists, including Stephan Hawking and Elon Musk, have officially stated their worry about AI warfare. They’re calling for the end of high-tech warfare and are championing for human control.

Image via: Techcrunch

Image via: Techcrunch


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6. This video of a cat riding a rhino is the first of its kind: Did you ever wonder what a cat riding a rhino looks like. You can just watch as this African bush-cat hitches a ride atop of this grumpy rhinoceros.


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7. Android suffers a security flaw that leaves owners exposed via text: Remember that iPhone flaw that was exposed via text? Android users just suffered the same fate as a circulating text exposed a major flaw in the software.



8. Samsung releases a wireless charging station: In lighting news, Samsung just announced that they’re releasing a wireless charging station. Now, you don’t have to worry about frayed cords or missing adaptors!

Image via: Engadget

Image via: Engadget


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9. Send out emails with self-destruct sequences using this Gmail extension: Have you ever sent an email only to immediately regret it? Now you can send out emails with a designated termination time using the Dmail extension app for Gmail.

Image via: The Verge

Image via: The Verge


10. Hide your smelly shame with these fart-masking undies: At last – the cure for the common office. There’s no more need for you to clench your cheeks! Just let that bundle of gas rip: this handy pair of underwear makes sure your stench never reaches another’s nose!

Shreddies underwear uses science to stop your smelly farts

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