No Back-Stabbing In The New Game Of Thrones Room

Are you into this new season of Game of Thrones? We, certainly are. We’re so excited about it that we’ve released this great new GoT WebRoom and collection with a Westeros theme!

Step into the world of the Seven Kingdoms and enter this medieval-yet-decadent room filled with fantastic Game of Thrones memorabilia! We’ve taken great care to craft a room that both exemplifies the look of the TV show and incorporates great features from the story, like Robb Stark’s sword!

robb stark sword mywebroom game of thrones

Prepare to be SWORDED!

Snatch up all the other medieval items you can get for your WebRoom, like the bow and arrow, candelabra floor lamp, and chandelier.


You know you want Game of Thrones products like the Night’s Watch propaganda poster, Westeros map, GoT 4-D puzzle, and House of Arryn mug. What? You’re more of a House of Stark person? Well, we’ve got plenty of products for those of you who prefer to summer in Winterfell. Represent your house with this cellphone case, notebook, poster, and box.

WINTER is coming winterfell game of thrones jon snow mywebroom

Don’t forget to add the new pet, Sandor, to your room! He’s far more adorable than Sandor Clegane (The Hound) from the TV show. That guy’s creepy.

Who Hounds it best sandor the hound game of thrones mywebroom

There’s plenty of other furniture and decor in our full Game of Thrones room, so go check it out in all of its deadly beauty right now!


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