Pack: A Website for Dogs (and their people)

Here at myWebRoom, we are all about curating the best content and finding the most fun, helpful, and beautiful websites for our users to explore.  Today we wanted to do a spotlight on one of our favorite new sites, Pack.  You can find Pack in the Pawesome Penthouse, our Common Room that’s loaded with over 300 resources for dogs and the people who love them.

myWebRoom Blog Pawesome Penthouse Room for Dog Lovers

Pack is a social media platform dedicated totally to dogs.  Pack lets you browse through an endless array of adorable doggy photos, keep up with dogs that you’ve chosen to track, comment on and “love” posts, cross-post to your Instagram and Twitter, get breed specific newsletters, and more.

myWebRoom Blog Pawesome Penthouse Pack Roomsy

It’s no secret that all of us at myWebRoom are dog lovers (just ask our office dog and mascot, Roomsy), so we created our own pack.  It’s called myWebRoom’s Pawesome Penthouse Pack.  Come join it – we’d love to have you!

myWebRoom Blog Dog Mascot Roomsy

The most exciting news of all?  Pack interviewed our very own Roomsy about his day to day activities and thoughts on the Pawesome Penthouse.  Check out his interview on Pack here.

myWebRoom Blog Best In Show Dog Collection

Can’t get enough of all things doggy?  Browse our Best In Show Collection to find awesome accessories for you and your pup and check out our blog post, 125 Resources Every Dog Lover Needs, to discover even more of our favorite doggy related websites!

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