9 Places With Paranormal Activity That You Can Actually Visit

We rounded up the 9 most haunted places you may have never heard of but definitely should visit!

1. Lake Charles, Louisiana

Image via: Business Week

Image via: Business Week

When it comes to paranormal phenomena in Louisiana, your first thought may be New Orleans, but located in the southwest of Louisiana is the city of Lake Charles. Lake Charles is the home to many ghosts, but the most famous spirit is that of convicted killer, Toni Jo Henry. Henry is the first and only woman to ever be executed by electric chair in Louisiana. Since her demise, she has been stalking the Calcasieu Courthouse. People report strange smells, cheap cologne, and unexplainable electrical issues. While some towns may want to hide the fact that their town is haunted, Lake Charles embraces it. If you’re curious about Tony Jo Henry’s story and other ghost tales from Lake Charles, but can’t make it down to Louisiana, you can download the Lake Charles Historic Tour App.


2. The 1886 Crescent Hotel

Image via: Pinterest

Image via: Pinterest

Looking for a frightful night? Look no further than the 1886 Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Considered the most haunted hotel in America, the 1886 Crescent Hotel has seen many changes since it was originally built in 1886. Originally designed to be a hotel for the wealthy, the Crescent failed to succeed and was forced to shut down. After being transformed into multiple colleges, which eventually failed, Norman Baker bought the 1886 Crescent Hotel and turned it into a hospital fully equipped with a morgue. Despite having zero medical background, Baker claimed to have cures for ailing patients. Between the schools, the hospital, and the hotel, at least 8 people who have checked in have yet to check out – will you be next? Just kidding! If you’re brave enough, the Crescent Hotel offers nightly ghost tours.


3. Jean Lafitte’s Old Absinthe House

old absinthe house haunted blog

Image via: Mystery Playground

Heading to Mardi Gras? Well you may want to head to The Old Absinthe House for a few spirits – both the paranormal and liquid kind. Patrons have seen the ghost of Jean Lafitte, a pirate who made a deal with Andrew Jackson to let his men go free if they help with the battle of New Orleans. This meeting took place on the second floor of the Old Absinthe House. Other ghostly spirits that seem to frequent the Old Absinthe House are the voodoo practitioner Marie Laveau, politician Benjamin Butler, and former president and previously mentioned, Andrew Jackson. These guests have been known to throw their own wild parties, sliding chairs and bottles across the bar, and having a good time.


4. Toys ‘R Us Sunnyvale, California

Toys R Us

Image via: Quasar Group

If there was anywhere you could hang out for eternity where would you choose? Johnny Johnson decided on a location that I think most people would enjoy haunting; a Toys ‘R Us in Sunnyvale, California. Well, maybe “decided” isn’t the right word, but after an accident with a hatchet that led to his death, his spirit remained to haunt what is now the women’s restroom and a few back aisles of the toy store. Out of all the things that could have been built on that land, I personally feel like he lucked out.


5. Delta Queen Hotel

Delta Queen Hotel

Image via: The Noog

Chances are that you’ve heard of the haunted ship, The Queen Mary, but have you ever heard of the Delta Queen? This ship is thought to be haunted by the ship’s former captain, Mary Greene. The Delta Queen was originally built in Stockton, California and made runs on the Sacramento River between San Francisco and Sacramento. During World War II the United States Navy acquired the the Delta Queen and used it to transport wounded soldiers to San Francisco Hospitals. In 1946 the ship was purchased by Thomas Greene the son of Mary Greene. Mary didn’t waste any time moving aboard the Delta Queen once it made its journey from San Francisco to New Orleans. Mary was known to rule with an iron fist and her biggest rule was no alcohol allowed on board. Mary died in 1949, aboard the Delta Queen, but it seems that she had never left. the Delta Queen has since been turned into a tourist destination, fully equipped with a bar. People claim to have seen glasses fly across the room. It appears that Mary is still trying to enforce her strict no alcohol policy.


6. Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Flamingo Hotel Casino

Image via: Way Marking

Las Vegas is full of lights, liquor and life, so it makes sense that the man that helped build it wouldn’t want to leave. Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was a mobster who built the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. He spent six times his budget while building the casino and when the Flamingo opened it was a disaster. The overspending didn’t sit well with Bugsy’s “investors.” This led to a death sentence being put on Bugsy which was eventually carried out at his girlfriend’s mansion in Beverly Hills. The thing that makes Bugsy a unique ghost is that he is a wandering spirit. He has been seen hanging around the home where he died as well as in multiple locations around the Flamingo. One thing you can say for certain is that Bugsy has great taste in haunting grounds!


7. The Willard Library

Willard Library

Image via: Can of Mystery

Libraries have always been a creepy place for me, so I was surprised to find out there are more than a handful that could be haunted. During my research, I came across the Willard Library in Indiana. This library is haunted by the Grey Lady who was first spotted by a nighttime custodian in 1937. He went to the basement to check on the furnace and he was startled when he saw a ghostly figure in long grey cloth standing in front of him. Shortly after he quit his job, but the Grey Lady continued to haunt the library. People have reported an overpowering smell of perfume, sudden cold spots, and some employees have even seen her hanging around the bookshelves. One employee even claims that the Grey Lady visited her at her own home. There is some speculation to who is the Grey Lady. Some people think that she is the founder of the library’s daughter and others believe it was a woman who died on the property before the library was built. If you’d like to try to catch a peek at the Grey Lady, but you can’t make it to Indiana, you can watch the ghost cams that were installed to try to help find the grey lady!

8. Rolling Hills Asylum

Rolling Hills Asylum Haunted blog

Image via: Antiquity Echoes

It would be a shame if I wrote a blog about ghosts and didn’t include an abandoned hospital. The Rolling Hills Asylum located in East Bethany, New York has been home to orphaned children, families, the elderly, physically handicapped, mentally unstable, morally corrupt, and even criminals. There are multiple “hot spots” of paranormal activity in Rolling Hills. One of the most intriguing hot spots is the Shadow Hallway. “Shadow people” as they are called by the owner of the Rolling Hills, Sharon Coyle, can be seen walking and even crawling around the floor. This seems to be one of the more active and frightening places of them all.


9. Ohio University

Ohio University haunted

Image via: Beverley Square West
Soccer Mom

College is one of the best times of people’s lives. It’s so great that even after people die they want to keep going to school! At least that’s the case with some of the ghosts at what is considered the most haunted school in the United States, Ohio University. This school has so many ghosts that there is thought to be an entire female basketball team who haunts the halls. Although the basketball team is intriguing, the scariest ghost has to be the poltergeist or poltergeists that live in room 428 in Wilson Hall. A student who was practicing astral projection started acting strangely. She began speaking in tongues and eventually jumped out of the window. Students who stayed in the room said that doors would open and shut, objects would fly around the room, and the ghost of the girl that committed suicide would appear. This prompted the school to board up room 428 permanently, but the funs not over yet. There is also the fact that a demon face eventually appears on the wood grain of the door to room 428, even after changing the door.

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