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By Joshua Burton

Here’s a little phrase that will probably make your heart rate increase: DATE NIGHT. For the clueless, this inspires a bit of anxiety and for the adventurous this elicits a good degree of excitement. Either way, date nights are often hard to plan. The logistics, the perfect setting, the right mood – it all needs to fall together perfectly. Never fear, there is a good method to going about this but first take a breath, center yourself and take a look around your WebRoom for some inspiration.

Movie and Dinner

Stay classy with a classic. The ol’ dinner and movie is a time-tested method of getting in some good conversation and generating shared experiences. There’s a big debate on what to do first – dinner or movie. One argument is that movies can generate stuff to talk about over a post-cinema meal. Others say that meeting for a meal is a good way to break the ice in a personal way.

However you decide, rest easy knowing myWebRoom has your back. Find local theaters and movies through Fandango, Allmovie, and Don’t forget to do your research! Rotten Tomatoes is a great place to see which movies are fab and which are flops. Find the best restaurants for your date. Find a variety of places so you look like you are well-rounded. Good sites for this are Yelp, GrubHub, Urbanspoon, and Zagat. These all have reviews and menu lists to help you find great atmosphere and local gems. Have fun with it!

date night movies mywebroom

This must be one of those theaters that leave the lights on during the movie.

Brewery/Winery Tour or Festival

Here’s a fun one. Even if your date isn’t the biggest alcohol nerd, a trip to a brewery or a winery always has the feel of a fancy night out. Many of breweries and wineries have tours or festival booths to promote their delicious products. These places almost always try to create a unique vibe for their tours and can range from homey to downright opulent, depending on where you go.

For beer, good resources are the Brewers Association and Both have brewery locators that can find the local crafters near you. Beer Advocate also has a comprehensive and current list of upcoming beer festivals around the country.

brewery mywebroom

Drinking at a BREWERY?? What will they think of next?

brewery tour mywebroom

No brewery is complete without a creepy basement.

Comprehensive lists of wineries are hard to come by, but hit up your favorite search engine like Bing or Google and you’ll get local results for wineries. Yelp also provides good results for this and has user reviews. Many breweries and wineries do free tours but often have long waiting lists, so this is a date to plan in advance!

wine tasting smell mywebroom

Part of wine tasting is smelling the vino and wishing you were drinking it already.

The Night In

This is actually a really good idea. These dates are personal and can spotlight you as an interesting, fun individual. Food is always a great place to start. Either order delivery from a local restaurant or take charge and make your own meal. Making food together can be a fun way to build rapport and create chemistry. MyWebRoom has tons of recipe websites in your food bookmarks that range from broad tastes like Food Network to more specialized sites like Gluten-Free Goddess and Vegetarian Resource Group.

flame cooking mywebroom accident

One of the many romantic and dangerous things that can happen on your date.

After dinner, find something social to do. Look up any of the games you can play in our gaming section and match wits with your date partner.

Bring the movies home with any of the streaming sites in our TV bookmarks like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Go. Maybe have a few in mind beforehand from a variety of genres. Don’t just suggest big-budget action movies if you’re dealing with someone who enjoys musicals. Maybe even bust out any of our featured foods (which can also be added to your WebRoom) to snack or sip on while the movie plays. Movies at home can be far more fancy than most cinema houses.

date night at home mywebroom

My guess is that if your room looks like this you’re either rich or some kind of future-alien.

Active Date

Some people have more fun outside than inside, so maybe get out of the house and get to that target heart rate with your sweetie at your side. A good hike or bike ride can be great for getting those endorphins flowing and increasing both your happiness and health. TrailLink and Mapmyhike are great places to find tons of active trails near you. Go find a rock climbing gym, play some sports at a park, or just go on a photography walk around your neighborhood – find the beauty in your area!

jogging mywebroom

Always have a professional photographer with you on your date.

Live Entertainment Date

Almost everyone has a favorite band or musical artist. Hit up Ticketmaster, Goldenvoice or StubHub to find local shows to see. Need to find new acts? Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud and Last Fm are great resources to cross-reference with bands you already like to find similar and new tunes to enjoy.

live music mywebroom

I’m guessing these guys are big fans of Bach.

Hey, not everyone is a music fan. Try to get that special someone smiling with a comedy show. Many cities have local comedy venues or even improv troupes that are always looking for people who want a laugh. Do a quick search for local open mics or comedy venues. Comedians gotta earn their keep, so you’ll almost always find some touring through your area. Combine any of these with a dinner out and you are heading in the right direction to a great date night.

laughing comedy mywebroom paul f tompkins

These are all ideas you can use as starting points. Mix and match some of these to get a unique experience. Sometimes you want to cycle to another city and watch a comedy show while you’re all sweaty and gross – if that’s your thing then go for it! Toss in a museum, food tour, or magic show for a unique flair. Remember, you’re building memories that will hopefully bring you and some other lucky person closer. Let your imagination go crazy. MyWebRoom has lots of resources. Don’t forget to add your favorite sites and suddenly your internet experience can be both stylistically personal and have real-life impact – especially if this date leads to more dates. You gotta keep on top of those future plans! Have fun and keep safe, people.

titanic leonardo dicaprio mywebroom kate winslet

Watching “Titanic” is a lot less expensive than visiting the Titanic, FYI.

Did we forget some ideas? Let us in on your ideal date nights in the comments section below.mywebroom room cit

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