10 Proven Ways Loving Yourself Will Change Your Life

This Valentine’s Day, the most important thing you can do is not some grand romantic gesture. Treat yourself instead! Not only will you be happier, but you will also have an easier time showing the people you value most just how much they mean to you. Here are 10 reasons a little self love can change your life for the better.


1. Self-Love Gives You The Confidence To Follow Your Dreams


When you love someone, you want all of their dreams to come true, and the same thing is true when you love yourself. As Power of Positivity points out, self-loving people maintain habits that give them the confidence, self-worth, and motivation to pursue their passions.


Image Via: PowerOfPositivity

Image Via: PowerOfPositivity


2. The Right Outlook Empowers You To Take Control Of Your Life


Resolutions and to-do lists often don’t work because they give you outcomes to strive for but no path for getting there. Mind Body Green recommends a “To-Be” list instead. When you focus on what already makes you happiest instead of what might be able to make you happier, you have more peace of mind and self-control.


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Image Via: MindBodyGreen


3. A Little Self-Care Can Literally Change Your Brain


More and more, scientists are discovering the ways that self-care routines actually affect the brain chemistry and neural pathways that control our emotions. Mind Body Green talks about how even something as simple as a a few hours of meditation can help create this change!


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Image Via: MindBodyGreen


4. A Positive Attitude Motivates You To Succeed


Whether you do it by giving yourself small incentives throughout the day, keeping active, or simply remembering to laugh at the little things, a positive outlook will help you feel motivated and energize the people around you to get things done. This article at Gain Confidence explains how.


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Image Via: GainConfidence


5. Self Love Is Self Care


When we talk about self-love, what we really mean is self-care. Just check out Peace Love & Kale’s list of 101 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love and notice how many of them are simple ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now notice how many you aren’t already doing, and get started!


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6. When You Love Yourself, You Can Accept Yourself


We spend so much of our lives trying to get the acceptance of others, but how can we expect anyone else to embrace us if we refuse to embrace ourselves? With that idea in mind, Marc & Angel offer 16 simple ways to help rekindle your love for you.


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7. Self-Love Is Actually The Most Selfless Thing You Can Do


Have you ever noticed the way smiling is contagious? That’s because the energy you put into the world is also the energy you will get back. Christina Zipperlen uses her experience living in Bali and practicing yoga to explain why over at Huffington Post.


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Image Via: Yoga Digest


8. You Only Learn Your True Self Worth By Valuing Yourself


When Veronica Bocian at Elite Daily was a child watching her grandmother’s elaborate beauty routine, she saw a woman who worked hard on herself because she knew she was worth it, not because she was vain or self-conscious. That lesson changed Veronica’s own self-image for the better, and she’s here to show you how it can change yours as well.


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Image Via: Elite Daily


9. Caring For Yourself Makes It Possible To Care For Others


It seems contradictory to say that the best way to care for somebody else is to take more time just for yourself. But as Expanded Consciousness explains, the only way to really care for others is to take the time to look inward and frankly evaluate your own habits and behavior.


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10. Your Relationship With Yourself Is The Most Important One There Is


When it comes down to it, the only person who has to spend every second of their lives with you is you. That’s what makes your relationship with yourself to valuable, and also so difficult. Luckily, Where I Need To Be has 30 practical ideas to make it a little bit easier!


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If you’re looking for even more self-care ideas, check out some of the other great things we found in our Get Inspired! folder.



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