Reasons Why Lucy Hale Is The Best Character In Pretty Little Liars

Everyone at myWebRoom loves Pretty Little Liars so we decided to create a second Pretty Little Liars Room. While researching articles and websites, someone asked, “who is your favorite Pretty Little Liar?” Everyone made their case for who was their favorite person , but in the end Aria, played by Lucy Hale, was the winner and this is why!


1. She’s Not Afraid To Speak Her Mind

During an interview with Into The Gloss, Lucy talked out about how Pretty Little Liars is a show about beauty and how the expectations can be “unhealthy.” This takes a lot of guts to speak so bluntly about a show that you’re currently on! Much respect for being so honest, Lucy!

Lucy Hale speaking

Image via: Celeb Mafia


2. Her Lucky Number Is Odd…Even If It Makes Sense (For Her)

When you ask someone their lucky number your most likely going to get a single or double digit number, but that’s not the case with Hale! Her lucky number is 2003 which is number she was assigned on the American Idol spin off, “American Juniors” as well as the year the show debuted. Odd choice, but that’s what makes it interesting!

Lucy Hale visits Young HollywoodImage via: Moviefone


3. From Pretty Little Liars to Country Music Star? No Problem!

Country music may not be on everyone’s playlist, but it is on Lucy Hale’s! In 2014, the Tennessee native released a country music album titled, “Road Between.” Besides being a fantastic actor, she also has an incredible singing voice! It’s never bad to have a backup plan and which Hale definitely has!

Lucy Hale singingImage via: Ryan Seacrest


4. Her Throwback Thursday Pictures Are Epic!

If you don’t follow Hale’s Instagram, then I seriously must ask, why not? She posts great pictures of her everyday life as well as gems like this picture right here.

Lucy Hale throwback Thursday

Image via: Instagram


5. She Does a Lot of Charity Work

In 2011 Lucy designed bracelets to support the Dream Foundation, who helps people with life-threatening illnesses and their family. More recently, she has helping Voices of Meningitis encourage people to receive the meningococcal vaccine.

Lucy Hale Voices of Meningitis

Image via: Tapinto


6. She Has A Dark Side

Pretty Little Liars is a pretty dark show at times, but Hale has a some real edge. She really lets her edgy side show in this photoshoot and interview for V Magazine.

Lucy Hale V Magazine

Image via: Celebzz


7. She Gives Back On Her Birthday!

Hale has a huge social media following, so when her birthday rolled around she asked her fans to send donations to St. Jude’s Children Hospital. How cool is that?

Lucy Hale's Birthday

Image via: Instagram


8. She Has A Plan For The Future!

Unfortunately for all of us Pretty Little Liars won’t last forever and Lucy Hale knows this. So, what does this mean for her fans? Well we’ll be able to see her in upcoming indie comedy titled, ‘Dude’ and she’s working on her second album.

Lucy Hale

Image via: Hollywood Superstarz


9. She Knows How To Dominate The Red Carpet

If you haven’t heard Pretty Little Liars won a total of 6 Surfboards at the Teen Choice Awards, but what may be even more stunning is how stylish Hale looked on the red carpet! Hale also won the award for Choice TV Actress: Drama, but that’s to be expected.

Lucy Hale Teen Choice Awards 2015Image via: Seventeen


10. She’s A Total Badass!

Really this is just us gushing about how much we like her. Lucy Hale exhibits courage, confidence, and inspires people to help others. We’re absolutely delighted to put together our Pretty Little Liar Room in honor of her and the rest of the wonderful cast!

Lucy Hale

Image via: This is Aero

Make sure you save all of these great Lucy Hale articles to your room and visit our Pretty Little Liars room to prepare yourself for the upcoming season!


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