Roomie Highlights From The #myAHAroom Contest!

By Joshua Burton

The #myAHAroom contest is underway and people are creating all sorts of crazy Rooms to win that sweet, sweet $1,000 AHAlife shopping spree! We’ve had a lot of great submissions across all sorts of social media platforms, as well as on our very own Style Gallery. We just wanted to take a moment to recognize some of our favorite submissions. It would be wrong to not feature such eye-catching creativity, right?

#AddictiveDesign #myAHAroom user Bella knows how to express herself! We noticed user @isajadebijou‘s Room in the Design Gallery for it’s crazy color scheme. She likes to keep her style colorful and weird with the Sacred Forest theme and a variety of AHAlife products! Bella Jade keeps in theme with animal print nightstand, TV, and food items. Someone knows how to accent the background with her purple end table, hobby, and wall shelf items, too. My eyes would get super confused after living in this room a while, but that’s almost like a built-in security system, right? In all, this is a great room and totally qualifies for the #myAHAroom contest! You’re on the right track, Bella!

myAHAroom contest contribution from  Kellie Love!

Next up we have supergeek, @luebug! This Room is super rad, too. It’s a sleek, clean room with fun little color highlights that is all set in our London Eye View theme!  Is that a Spider-Man avatar and Doctor Who on the TV screen? The nerd powers are strong with this one! We found Kallie’s Room over on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing, Kallie! Keep up the good work!

Addictive Design #myAHAroom Rules.

Get on the #AddictiveDesign trend and take the time to express your interests, Roommies! No pressure, though. There’s only $1,000 in AHAlife products on the line. No biggie. We all have that kind of folding money, right? The window for the #myAHAroom submissions close on Wednesday, October 8 – so get to designing, folks. Time is of the essence!

addictive design contest