Roommate Spotlight – Camille Cobbs, The Maven Of Style

When it comes to style, myWebRoom has tons of it. Much of this is thanks to Camille Cobbs, our resident staff writer and all-around fashion expert. She’s more than just a collection of style tips, though. She’s a regular contributor to our item descriptions, our weekly #StyleChat on Twitter, and right here on our blog. Let’s shine the light on our ingenious scribe, Camille!

Camille comes to us through the internship program we set up to get vibrant new people into our ranks. She currently splits her time at myWebRoom with her studies at San Francisco State University with a major is English with a minor in journalism. We could have put her to work reporting on boring stuff, but when we heard she was a fan of fashion we decided to let her spread her wings and pour her heart into covering the wide world of clothing and couture. She may have had a harder time at a different startup, but at myWebRoom she’s been a perfect fit.

myWebRoom's style guru and resident writer, Camille Cobbs.

Camille has done startup internships in the past, but talking to her in the midst of her mWR experience, she seems to have really taken to the whole tech environment. “I absolutely love start-up culture. Usually an intern is in charge of dry-cleaning and coffee runs, but star-ups allow you to really contribute to the company,” she said. We like to think we always have a positive impact on people here at the myWebRoom HQ.

Camille Cobbs, the myWebRoom fashion maven.

It’s not uncommon to see her walk in with bags of clothing from name-brand stores here in San Francisco and it’s pretty obvious from the research she’s always doing on sites like StyleCaster and Vogue that her passion lies in promoting the creative arts. Well, we’ll put that passion to good use here . myWebRoom is all about creating an inspirational environment! Go and check out Camille’s room to get a peek into her inner designer’s mind.

Roommate Spotlight - myWebRoom's maven of style, Camille Cobbs!

Camille is a good representation of our fellow mWR Roomies: creative, fun, and excited to find new things on the web.