Roommate Spotlight – It’s Elise The Web Design Maven!

By Joshua Burton

A lot of times the spotlight catches the biggest personalities and top dogs in the room, but today we want to put one of our designers center stage who’s been instrumental in getting myWebRoom where it is today. Say hello to Elise Fung, our resident web designer!

Elise Fung, design maven at myWebRoom.

She hasn’t been a roommate for as long as others like Millu or Daria, but she has been at the center of a whirlwind of activity with us lately.  Elise is originally from nearby Mountain View Calif. We have her on loan from her college studies as a computer science and interactive media major at Northeastern University. She jumped on wayyyy back (about 5 months ago) when we were in our second office space on a 6-month internship in order to help with the overhaul of the myWebRoom design.

Elise had previously worked on the user experience for a tax company and wanted to flex her creative wings a big more. MyWebRoom is all about creativity, so she was a perfect fit for the roommate crew. It’s quite a commute from Mountain View to San Francisco, but she finds the commute a good exchange for getting to be back home in the bay area.

Interior design meets graphic design at the myWebRoom Blog.

As you can tell from our site, we’ve had a lot of work done on the front end of our design. Attributed in large part to Elise’s hard work. She worked closely with out development team and our Presidente Especial, John Gonzalez. “Like any other great designer, she has a very good understanding of what is good design and how to implement it, code-wise. Which is something that a lot of designers lack,” he said. “She has done a great job at adjusting her mindset to what myWebRoom needs. And that has been fantastic. But her design is definitely simple, responsive, and very appealing.”

graphic design mywebroom user experience

Elise will be launching right into her senior year after she finishes her time off here at myWebRoom. We’ve been working her dainty hands to the bone these past months, but she seems to actually have….enjoyed it. “ I learned a lot of new things with this project – working with the development team introduced me to new technologies and processes, and I got to do some fun and creative things with the marketing team,” she said. She must be a glutton for punishment. 

After she finishes up at myWebRoom, she’ll be basking in the tropical sun in Hawaii and volunteering her time to help as a farmhand in exchange for lodging and food through the World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farms. Quite the change of pace from the fog and relative cold of San Francisco.

Expect a few more changes to the site from Elise before she heads off, though. We have some big plans for our Designer feature coming up before September, so keep your eyes out for that.

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So here’s a heartfelt “Thank you” to Elise for all of her hard work over the past 5 months here at myWebRoom. A lot of time and effort is put into crafting the best experience possible for our users here and talented people like Elise make that happen.  Hopefully she finds an opportunity during her last break from college to do what hard workers do best…..


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