Roommate Spotlight – Lead Content Editor Lianne!

By Joshua Burton

It’s pretty difficult to get a job where all you do is shop for a living, but our girl Lianne Krusemark has managed to pretty much secure just that. She spends her time scouring various blogs, social media outlets, magazines, and stores for the hottest products to be digitized for the myWebRoom experience. She wrangles our style editors and sends them hunting down the newest trends and hottest looks for our constant supply of Shop items. Sound fun? Yeah, it is. Jealous?

Lianne Krusemark, content coordinator at myWebRoom.

Lianne sits at the center of a daily storm of activity as our artists render, design, and upload files into our Shop. Every Monday you’ll find her in our conference room honing ideas for collections and refining the hunt for perfect items for the site. For the rest of the week, people are constantly buzzing around her workstation to get her approval on the myriad projects constantly going on at myWebRoom HQ. It’s pretty impressive.

Lianne Krusemark, content coordinator at myWebRoom.

We got ahold of Lianne after she graduated from San Francisco State University with her degree in Communications and at that point forward we put  that degree to the test. If you’ve seen anything from us on Facebook, you’ve seen Lianne’s work. She handles much of our social presence and keeps people interacting with our site. Much of our product descriptions come from her, as well. She’s a pretty busy person. Which explains why she’s constantly knocking back double shot espressos at work all the time (don’t think we don’t notice, Lianne).

Lianne Krusemark, content coordinator at myWebRoom.

But, of course, she handles everything we throw at her with the grace of a saint. From product updates to item descriptions to Facebook statuses, she stays cool under fire, and even gets along with everyone really well along the way. “Social media’s kinda stressful,” she says, which makes sense. If you had over 96,000 people looking at every post you made you would probably feel the pressure, too. C’mon.

Lianne Krusemark, content coordinator at myWebRoom.

When she’s not handling comments from our droves of Facebook friends or churning out content, she’s usually at music shows. It seems like every week she’s saying “I’m going to go see…” at least once. That kind of commitment is pretty impressive. Now we know where all of her money goes. She’s also into good television shows and is the source of a lot of our themed WebRooms – you can thank her for the True Blood room. That was all her.

Thanks to Lianne, the rest of us can work on various other parts of myWebRoom that don’t involve copious hours of online research and digital legwork. She’s also great at finding the best places near work to have lunch. That’s something we value rather highly here. To keep up with the epic job Lianne does, just bookmark the Collections or Trendy section of our Shop. If you have any good suggestions or style requests, feel free to hit us up at our feedback email and we’ll see what we can do.