Roommate Spotlight – Paris, The Worldly Wordsmith!

While the myWebRoom staff is an international collection of talent, Paris Kim is a bay area local who brings her own brand of talents to our crew. Paris is one of our content writers, those hard-working folks who contribute to the Blog and write the descriptions for the Items you find in the Designer and our Shop.

Copywriter Paris Kim chilling at the myWebRoom officewarming party.

This girl has a serious soft spot for vintage stuff. If any of the descriptions for some of the more timeless items seem exceptionally lovingly-crafted, you probably have Paris to thank. “Things in the past were really made with a genuine care and passion about their aesthetics, and that quality feels personal and inviting,” she is quick to explain. She also has a soft spot for anything with a floral pattern. The girl has her preferences.

Paris Kim of myWebRoom out and about.

She’s not totally, biased, though. Her tastes are eclectic. When she’s not spinning out prose for myWebRoom you can find her all over San Francisco exploring nooks and crannies that always house this city’s gems. She’s contributed this knowledge and her fondness for covering local bands to various publications over the years. She also maintains her own blog devoted to her own ruminations.

1A look into Paris Kim's head. Find more of her work at the myWebRoom Blog

An graduate from the University of San Francisco (English, of course), she is constantly looking for new ways to hone her writing skills. Oh, and she draws a lot. Like, all the time. Paris is a person of many interests. She does a lot of these on napkins, which she hoards obsessively in a fashion that can easily be described as “obsessive.”

Some of the artwork and doodles of Paris Kim.

Paris also spends a lot of time crafting. Being super into do-it-yourself crafts actually makes her pretty ideal for deconstructing the aesthetics of a lot of stuff in the Rooms around here. She even teaches her own class on hand-crafting greeting cards. Don’t ask how she has room in her life for rest. No one knows. Either way, Paris has got this job covered.

Paris Kim's personal spotlight for the myWebRoom crew!