Roommate Spotlight – ROOMSY!

By Roomsy

This week our Roommate Spotlight is going to be a little different. Everyone’s always talking about the designers or the programmers or the founders, but why doesn’t anyone talk about the spirit of the whole company? ME.

roomsy mywebroom dog pet cute

While it may seem like most of the others in this place are important to the whole myWebRoom experience, what isn’t taken into account is how much these people depend on me. Do you think Millu could get her work done all day without me coming in and making sure she’s a happy human? What, you think Artem would have the strength to go on without some moral support from his furry friend? Do you for a moment think that Elise could access her full creativity without some sort of muse? I doubt it. I really do. I’m the heart and soul of this place. Here’s an average day for me:

10:00 AM

Artem Fedyaev and Roomsy celebrate the little dog's first birthday. See a day in the life of Roomsy at the myWebRoom Blog.

Here’s the part of the day where I come in. I usually get a ride with Artem and Daria. Carpooling is really important to me, especially since San Francisco city employees won’t let me ride MUNI alone. When I get to the office I like to run around and greet each team member in an enriching, intimate way – usually by barking and sniffing at them excitedly. Over the next couple hours it’s my job to make sure everyone who comes in from breaks or accepting deliveries gets friendly, loud attention the moment they step foot at myWebRoom World Headquarters.

12:00 PM

See a day in the life of Roomsy at the myWebRoom Blog.

The Roommates usually order out for food, and that involves me making sure that everyone has gotten what they want. When everyone is sitting around I usually personally come up under the table and try to jump in their laps to make sure their order was delivered properly and politely offer to taste test the food to ensure that it meets their taste standards. Yeah. I’m pretty good at my job.

2:00 PM

Time for a nap See a day in the life of Roomsy at the myWebRoom Blog.

Nap time. Obviously.

4:30 PM

Around this time is when I usually check my social media and do some updates to my Twitter feed. I like to get the word out to the masses what it’s like to be a hungry dog in this dog-eat-dog tech world here in San Francisco.

Roomsy's got his own twitter page now! See a day in the life of Roomsy at the myWebRoom Blog.

5:00 PM

Roomsy shows up all over our website. See a day in the life of Roomsy at the myWebRoom Blog.

This is the time of the day where I get to fixing all of the bugs on the site. You may notice me showing up in error messages whenever things go wrong on the site. “Why wait till 5PM to start fixing the bugs for the day?” you may ask. I’m just that good.

6:00 PM

Roomsy is always down for a nap. See a day in the life of Roomsy at the myWebRoom Blog.

Time to go home! I bring some chew toys to everyone just so they can toss it around for me. This gets people energized and ready for the commute home. Let’s just say that if we had a popularity contest here at the office I would win. Everyone always says goodbye to me before leaving.

Well, that’s it. Aside from a few variations, that’s how my days go. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for all of my canine exploits. Feel free to check out my WebRoom, too!



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