Runway to Home: Fashion Week Meets Interior Design

By Camille Cobbs

Who says your house can’t be as well dressed as you are? From what we saw during London Fashion Week, it seems the two go hand in hand more than we ever thought. The Spring 2015 collection designed by the elegant Erdem contained flowing fabrics begging to be made into curtains, prints that look polished on couches and chairs, and designs that echo architecture of the home. We simply had to put a few pictures together to see how our visions of high fashion home decor would look in reality. We hope that these looks inspire you as much as they did us; Fall decorating begins now.

Look 1: Zoom in on that classic chic plaid to create a unique floor print.

Erdem designs that go great with sleek interior design. Find more interior design intersections at the myWebRoom Blog.

Look 2: Ruffled feathers make fun dresses and throw pillows alike.

Erdem designs that go great with your interior design ideas! More design intersections at the myWebRoom Blog.

Look 3: Emerald and brown palms inspire eye-catching rooms.

Erdem palm designs matched with fantastic interior styles. More fashionable intersections at the myWebRoom Blog!

Look 4: White on white with a lace texture is as classy as it gets.

Erden designs matched with glorious interior designs. More fashionable transitions at the myWebRoom blog.

Look 5: Long curves with stripes and floral accents resemble windows with views.

Erdem window designs that mirror upscale interior designs. More stylish intersections at the myWebRoom Blog!
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