Show Your Colors For SF Pride 2014!

By Joshua Burton

One of the biggest events in San Francisco is the yearly SF Pride Parade. It’s by far the biggest party The City is known for. Ever been to a block party? It’s just like that but, dozens of blocks. We all know that California knows how to party, but San Francisco SPECIFICALLY knows how to party, y’all.    We wanted to commemorate this event with our own show of pride – our new RAINBOW COLLECTION.This set of full-spectrum color items will deck your room out in the pride, joy, and FABULOUSNESS.

myWebRoom celebrates SF Pride with the new Rainbow Pride collection!

Here’s a peek at the sights from last year’s Pride parade, just to get you all excited for this year’s festivities.

2012 San Francisco Pride weekend.

It’s like a bunch of multi-colored spiders walking down the street!
Facebook at San Francisco Pride weekend. See how myWebRoom celebrates Pride at the blog.

Facebook made it’s presence known during the parade.

Mark Zuckerberg celebrates Pride. See how myWebRoom celebrates at our blog!

Even Mark Zuckerberg turned out to put his brand on whoever got too close.

Everyone loves their tech. See how the myWebRoom startup company celebrates Pride at our Blog!

There are better ways to watch the parade, folks.
myWebRoom celebrates SF pride as hard as everyone.


It’s Pride! There’s always a show of some kind going on.

Can you hear how myWebRoom celebrates pride? See how we do it at our Blog?

If you listen closely you can hear the mating call of, well, EVERYONE.

Let's get weird ad the SF Pride parade! See how we celebrate at the myWebRoom Blog.

Come out in your Sunday best! No matter what you Sunday best looks like.

So much celebration at the myWebRoom Blog during Pride weekend!

If you’re into people watching, this is the day of the year to observe some of the happiest couples in the world.

Everyone is as happy as we are during Pride. See how we celebrate at the myWebRoom blog!

One of the busiest streets in the city makes way for all the pride and joy.
We're all about rainbows at myWebRoom, especially during SF Pride!

And public transit is lousy with partygoers and in varied levels of dress.

You're bound to meet at least one angel at SF Pride. See how myWebRoom celebrates at our blog!

You may even meet your guardian angel.

Everyone is part of one big giant rainbow at SF Pride. See how myWebRoom celebrates at our Blog!Essentially, this is the best day of the year for everyone to clown around. Like, literally.

Hopefully you all have a safe weekend. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for all the new updates we have rolling out. Our Trending page is the best way to keep up with the constantly changing tastes of our meticulous design editors. Remember, you can check out all of the festivities at the SF Pride website in your sofa pages. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Ok, San Francisco knows how to celebrate pride. See how close we get to this amazing view at the myWebRoom Blog!

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