10 Sites Women Think Men Should Visit For Fashion And Style Inspiration

The biggest searches on sites like Google are fashion related topics, whether it’s which Balmain x H&M dress Kendall Jenner wore to the AMAs or which Target collaboration will launch tomorrow. But what do most fashion searches have in common? They’re searching for what benefits women, not men. Women love a man who dresses well, even a little James Bond-esque. So the real question in this is: what do women want to see on men? Let’s take a look at 10 sites that any man who wants to dress well and channel his inner 007 needs to visit.


1. Style Girlfriend: Style Girlfriend is a site that began in 2011 and is dedicated to showing men how to dress, but from the eyes of a woman. Megan Collins, the Texas-based editor of the site, began Style Girlfriend as a favor to a friend who started his own fashion line but needed styling tips for his customers. Women want men who look and dress well, and Style Girlfriend is one of the top sites to instruct men on what to wear. The site is not just full of men in suits, it also shows guys how to style specific pieces of clothing (like winter sweaters), suggests Halloween ideas, and even gives fitness tips to help men look better. The site itself has a manifesto of 12 things that all men should follow.  

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2. Dappered: Affordable style for men? Sign my brother and my dad up ASAP! The gist of Dappered is in the name: helping men dress like “dapper” gentlemen! How great is that? The site is designed not onyl to give help to men who want to dress well, but to expose common misperceptions about men who care about their appearance.

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3. Mr. Porter: As the brother company to Net-A-Porter, Mr. Porter has some big shoes to fill. Mr Porter is a great site for teaching men how to dress in a very stylish, European manner. If you have the means to buy the expensive items on the site, you’ll find yourself with timeless pieces that look tailored and refined. If not, you’ll at least find tons of inspiration on how to dress like Mr. Bond himself.

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4. George Hahn: George Hahn is a men’s magazine and blog. Hahn is a newer blogger who was inspired by the recession to provide inspiration for men across the country who want to dress like they’re millionaires, but don’t have the funds. As a woman, I love a man who simply knows how to look good, despite his budget. George Hahn is a great resource for men looking for inspiration, but also for women who want to subtly instruct their guy, brother, or friend on how to look better.

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5. I Am Galla: As far as male fashion bloggers go, the pickings are slim. Adam Gallagher is one of the top male fashion bloggers out there. As his 1.5 million Instagram followers may know, he dresses pretty well. He gives not only street style inspiration, but also high fashion for men everywhere. His style is perfect for the average American man and, best of all, he’s pretty relatable when it comes to fashion bloggers.

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Image via: I Am Galla


6. Scout Sixteen: Now on to your lovely everyday New York blogger who shops purely high street like Topman, Simon Miller, and 5620! Justin Livingston shows average men how to use streetwear to their advantage and look like they know a thing or two about fashion in the process. Justin travels around the world and posts photos of his adventures, but he also posts about lifestyle topics like grooming tips and food.

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Image via: Scout Sixteen


7. AskMen: When it comes to learning how to dress or how to become a better man, there’s really no better teacher than another guy!  On AskMen, guys give all sorts of advice to each other by providing real stories and life experiences.  The site has a special section just for fashion that is filled with tons of great questions and suggestions.

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Image via: Ask Men


8. Ashley Weston Style: Ashley Weston is a celebrity stylist who has expanded into the blogging world. She’s smart, confident, and is known for adding a signature flare to her styling work, which allows her to stand out amongst the sea of fashion bloggers. Unlike most men’s style bloggers, she provides examples on real men, dressing them with class and style – the perfect mix. As a woman, I don’t want a guy who dresses the same every day, even if he’s the best dressed man in the world. Someone like Ashley appeals to people across the world because she knows a man’s style and how to mix it with his personality.

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Image via: Ashley Weston

9. The Kentucky Gent: Josh Johnson is a Kentucky based blogger who definitely knows about fashion.  He’s your average guy – he just happens to showcase his style for the world to see. Rather than dressing like he’s going to a black-tie event every night like other male bloggers, he dresses like a confident man in his twenties. Confidence is key because without confidence, you can’t pull off anything. Johnson also gives life tips, fitness tips, advice, and little tidbits of what to do while you’re in Louisville.  

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Image via: The Kentucky Gent


10. Kate Loves Me: The editor of Kate Loves Me graduated from Central St Martins, one of the top 5 fashion universities in the world, with a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. His style clearly shows it and the blog is one of top 40 most influential in the world. Pelayo’s style is perfect for the everyday man, even though he does wear a lot of high fashion brands like Prada and Dior. Despite his affinity for high fashion, Pelayo often wears sportswear, bomber jackets, tee shirts, and Nike sneakers. What women want is a man who can dress up like James Bond, but also know how to relax while still looking put together – and that is exactly Pelayo’s specialty.

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