Stay Alive With The new Walking Dead Room

By Joshua Burton

Things are looking grim in the newest themed WebRoom addition. The Walking Dead TV show comes to life in this distressed-style room filled with creepy items and stylized decor. We may not live in a post-apocalyptic world, but you can bring your zombie love to life with this new WebRoom to make your internet lifestyle complete.walking dead room distressed decor mywebroom

Survival is paramount, so you won’t want to be without Daryl Dixon’s crossbow or the waterproof walkie talkies for your sport and telephone bookmarks. The radio is always helpful for looking for emergency broadcasts and the camping backpack for your hobbies bookmarks will come in handy on those long treks through the countryside. Hey, there’s Rick Grimes’ hat on the floor! That doesn’t bode well.

You may not be living in fear of being torn apart by zombies every day, but a worn look is apparent on all of the furnishings in this room. Items like the dresser, nightstand, TV stand, and table all share an aged look that give depth and darkness to the room. Flashy stuff will just attract attention from walkers!


Other goodies are lying around the room, too. Check out the cool Walking Dead social canvas, wall decor, and TV show poster. For funsies we tossed in the Jack Skellington caramel apples, Walking Dead board game, and a gigantic wolf spider– just in case you aren’t creeped out enough by zombies.

Feel free to mix and match the items with other stuff from our store, snag the cool room layout or just adopt the whole room for your own! Don’t forget to add the Walking Dead show in your TV bookmarks so you can keep up with the beleaguered team of survivors as they attempt to stay alive in a world full of zombies and equally dangerous humans in a world gone crazy.

rick grimes walking dead comic mywebroom we are the walking dead

You said it, Rick.

It’s a heart-pounding ride, so don’t forget to grab some snack and maybe snuggle up with a date so you have some moral support. Enjoy the new WebRoom!

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