10 Stores That Offer Student Discounts To Shop On A Budget

Guest post written by Marie Goldstein of ThePreppyMAG

When you are paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in tuition, it’s hard to think about luxuries in life like shopping. However, many brands realize that we college students are some of the most influential consumers out there so they have created something special— the college discount. This discount is usually awarded when you show your student ID in-store and can be used to save major bucks – and help you to continue to live fabulously. I’ve rounded up the ten best stores that offer student discounts.


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1. Vineyard Vines— 15% off!

Vineyard Vines offers 15% off to all students who flash their student ID at checkout! Vineyard Vines is the perfect place to pick up all of your college essentials like a comfortable Shep Shirt or an adorable dress for Sunday chapter. Vineyard Vines not only has a variety of apparel options, but they also have nautical accessories to bring a little bit of New England to campus. If you attend a college in the Northeast like I do, Vineyard Vines is a staple.

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2. J.Crew— 15% off!

If you are starting an internship or simply believe in the “Dress well. Test Well.” motto, this discount is a must! J.Crew can be pricy, so this discount is essential on a college student budget. No matter what your major, you’ll eventually need a blazer. If you are working on climbing the corporate ladder, you can call ahead and make an appointment to work with J.Crew specialists to find the perfect suit for you. If you have your dreams set on the hottest PR agency in the city, a simple navy blazer and some pixie pants are sure to give a great first impression.

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3. Kate Spade— 15% off!

All of the hottest bloggers have been sporting Kate Spade and as impressionable college students, there is NOTHING we want more. This is yet another pricey brand, so this discount is extremely important if you are trying to dress better than your wallet allows. If you are looking for a dress that you can wear to multiple events, then this is your place. You can buy a simple cocktail dress and pull it off at least 3 sorority formals, your cousin’s wedding, and maybe even graduation day. THAT is just how special Kate Spade is.

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4. Barbour Jackets — 15% off!

Fall and Spring are a breeze with a handy Barbour jacket. As a student, you can receive 15% off any Barbour jacket at an official Barbour store. My jacket has been an amazing investment, as I wear it all year long. Pair it with some jeans in the fall or a skirt in the winter to tailor this jacket to the weather. If you live somewhere with colder temperatures, you can choose one of the more insulated styles to stay warm.

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5. Ann Taylor LOFT— 15% off!

LOFT has been my go-to store lately. It has reasonable prices while hitting all of the latest trends – perfect for my budget. This 15% off college discount makes this option even better. I’m in love with the jeans at LOFT, they are the perfect fit for those a little shorter than normal— like me! They have an entire petite department that offers dresses, skirts, jeans, pixie pants, and more in shorter lengths— this also saves on any alterations that may be needed!

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6. Madewell— 15% off!

As a sister brand to J.Crew, Madewell has all of the trends for those who are a bit more edgy and Boho than the normal J.Crew shopper. I personally love Madewell for the quality of their clothes. They truly have some amazing products. For example, I bought real leather booties that were a lifesaver last year all through fall, winter, AND spring. They never looked too worn out and always brought a sense of sophistication to my outfit that really made me look put together. If you are looking to invest in a nice leather good, use the 15% off discount at Madewell to make it slightly less painful on the wallet.

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7. ASOS— Free Shipping!

ASOS was my go-to online store when I was in college. It has trends for any style and a huge range of prices to fit your needs. You can get some cheap rompers to bring on your Spring Break trip, but also drop some serious cash on a formal dress. Use StudentRate.com to receive free shipping no matter what you are splurging on.

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8. Banana Republic— 15% off!

Banana Republic is the number one place to visit if you are looking for some business formal attire. If you have an internship at any of the big consulting firms or anything in business or law, wearing a suit every day may be essential. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, Banana Republic offers great options. I recommend heading to Banana Republic when you have A LOT of time, try on everything, and really make sure that you are comfortable in the suits you pick. When you feel comfortable and fabulous you will absolutely kill it— it may even lead to a full-time job!

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9. Jack Wills— 15%!

If you are a student in the US, UK, or Ireland, you can receive 15% off on all full-priced Jack Wills items by registering with UNiDays. This is an amazing discount – especially if you are looking for a new outfit when abroad! Jack Wills is a great store to shop at if you are looking for an adorable date night dress or a cozy sweater for class. The brand was founded on the fabulousness that is university life so it’s perfect for college students!

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10. Kenneth Cole— 20% off!

You can receive 20% off all full-priced Kenneth Cole apparel and accessories by showing your student ID at checkout. I love Kenneth Cole for their simple staples – they seriously embody the “less is more” motto. I love the simple leather goods they have to offer; a simple wallet or and cross-body bag are both essential when you are on the go and buying them at Kenneth Cole will ensure that they last a lifetime. I had the pleasure of meeting Kenneth Cole during my senior year at Boston University and he truly believes in hard work, determination, and giving back— three key values that college students are passionate about. This alone inspires me to take advantage of this amazing 20% off discount.

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