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Hi there! I’m Hannah Joy from The Stressed Out College Student’s Destination. I read through a lot of my friends’ blog posts to put together this list of 10 study hacks for you. As a seasoned college student, member of Phi Theta Kappa (International Honor Society) and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, I’ve learned a little bit about studying—what to do, what not to do, and everything in between. Some of these may seem unconventional, like when you get overwhelmed or bored, but I’m telling you, after four semester of school, I’ve learned a thing or two, and trust me, this will help you! I hope you find these hacks helpful!


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1. Acknowledge when you’re overwhelmed: I think the first step to balancing homework is to acknowledge that you’re overwhelmed when you are. Chances are, if you’re googling study hacks and came across this post, you’re probably overwhelmed. I am right now. But that’s okay, because I have my whole schedule organized and I know exactly what I need to do when, to stay on top of everything. This blog post from Desiree Merci shares how to get organized and stay organized, which really cuts down on being overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed doesn’t help you accomplish anything, so I wanted to start off with this.

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2. Keep the boredom away: You’d be amazed at how boredom can affect studying… for example, right now I’m writing this blog post because I got tired of what I was studying. Getting bored, daydreaming, etc., can ruin a perfectly good study session and these tips—especially the 45-15 rule—are all really good ideas.

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3. Study effectively: Kimberly is a Psychology major and shares tips on how to effectively study. She explains why flash cards may not work with short term memory for your next test, how to effectively cram (yes, you read that right), and using dirty connections to remember things—a technique I’ll be trying. I’ve never read study tips from Psych major before, so I hope this is equally helpful for all of us.

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4. Use flashcards the right way: My good friend Kat has some really good tips on how to make flashcards the “right” way. What exactly is the right way? She talks about re-wording definitions into your OWN words, paraphrasing and making categories. While I’ve done this in list form, I’ve never done it with flash cards. I’ll have to try this out—you should too, and then comment down below how it works for you!

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5. Study with a group: I study with my friend Mackenzie all the time. We’re good “study buddies” and have helped each other learn material in different ways. However, we tend to talk too much, which sidetracks us, and we don’t learn as much as we could in the end. In this post, Kat has several suggestions (including talking less!) to help you effectively study in groups. Give it a shot—STUDYING in groups doesn’t have to be like the group project no one cares about!

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6. Prepare for tests: Anna shares study tips specifically for when all your tests are at the same time. This can be overwhelming, but she has a good technique. She also includes tips for last minute studying, which, let’s face it, we all do. (Yes, even me! And I’M The Stressed Out College Student’s Destination!)

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7. Prep correctly for midterms: Midterms can be pretty scary. They’re not your typical tests. My first semester, my professor didn’t tell us our exam was the midterm. She saved all of us from freaking out. I studied like I did for a normal test and aced it. (If you actually have a study ethic, this works.) However, not every class is going to be like this!

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8. Prep correctly for finals: I really like this post because Morgan addresses some issues I don’t typically think of. Like having a snack prepared, so you don’t take 45 minutes preparing one and get sidetracked. Or letting your friends and family know that you’ll be studying, so you can’t be interrupted.

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9. Ace your finals: While this post is similar to this last one, this goes into more comprehensive detail. I recommend the final exam study tips for your first semester, when you’re still getting the hang of things. I recommend this ULTIMATE guide to finals for when you’re used to the course load and you’re ready to ACE your finals. A B won’t suffice. You want ALL A’s. This post’s for you! Thanks for writing it, Morgan!

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10. Prioritize: And last but not least, I LOVE this prioritizing structure for studying. I tend to over study for some classes and under study for others. I’ll be referring to this post next time I have a test to study for—which is tomorrow. Her page views are about to go up. Dramatically. Remember that the class you’re struggling in the most is way more important to study for than the class you’re doing well in. Don’t neglect the classes you’re doing well in, but do balance out your schedule.

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For more study hacks, check out the College Life feed in your room.

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Acknowledge when you’re overwhelmed

Keep the boredom away

Study effectively

Use flashcards the right way

Study with a group

Prepare for tests

Prep correctly for midterms

Prep correctly for finals

Ace your finals



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