The 18 Best Places to Study Abroad Before You Graduate

Why, howdy folks! It’s time to get out of your school funk and start exploring this big ole’ ball we call home. Step away from the States for a while; spend a semester abroad to explore new cultures, brave new foods, make new friends, and learn more about yourself. Whether you’re the quiet, inquisitive artist happily bent over your studio desk or an adventurous trail blazer tackling mountains and cliffs, we’ve found nine amazing countries for each and every one of you! 

Study Abroad in Europe

Yeah, baby, yeah! Sorry… that was a bad Austin Powers joke, but this is the perfect place to start with. Since we share the English language (used  just a little differently) England makes a great place to ease into a familiar – yet foreign – experience!

London, England

You know from our “London Calling” collection that we’re super into the city of fish and chips. It’s an exciting place to start our scholastic exploring. Pick from either the University of London, Goldsmith College, or the University of the Arts London. These have a broad choice of majors and classes to specialize in. Bond with your fellow classmates as you hunch over stacks of dust tomes. But wait! You’re in London! Get out there and shop.

London Eye view when studying abroad

London is home to some of the most beautiful buildings, bridges, and streets known to man. Huddle up with your newfound friends and brave the London Eye for sweeping views of the city. March alongside the Thames and sail past the Tower of London.

London's tower bridge. Study abroad with myWebRoom

Once you’re more comfortable and familiar with the city streets and public transportation, hit up one of the many pubs that dot the busy corners. Head out with your classmates and share a warm plate of fish and chips as you sample various pints of frosty ale. Brave the West End and catch a musical or play that’ll rival New York’s Broadway.

Night traffic in London when studying abroad

And be sure spend plenty of time goofing around the city landmarks. Check out Tower Bridge, visit Parliament and Big Ben, compare the Shard against “the Pickle,” and hover outside Buckingham Palace in the hopes of seeing the royals,

Reading, England

Of course, London isn’t the only city in the United Kingdom. Let’s say you’re the quiet type who loves tiny cities, nature hikes, and crazy cultural festivals. You should take a semester abroad in Reading!

House in Reading next to water. Study abroad in Europe.

The University of Reading is best known for its excellent Literature courses and their specialized Shakespearean programs. The triple campus sits smack dab in the middle of this large town that dates back to the Roman occupation and still holds all of its historic charm.The rushing River Thames is viewable from every angle of the city, connecting it to the bustling world of London through ferries and barges. Check out the lively music scene and ample bars. Enjoy the annual Reading festival, when the whole city lights up to celebrate its history through storytelling, flowing beer, and raucous celebrations.

Reading at night on the Thanes river.

Why choose Reading instead of a bigger city? Well, it sits only 24 miles from Oxford and a half-hour train ride to London. Feel free to take a day journey to either location. Sample English culture, party with the city folk, and then come home to the quiet calm of this gentle area. It’s perfect for when you want to take a break from your studies.

Thanes river reading abroad.

Paris, France

Time to get all highfalutin. You can’t imagine Paris without thinking about the amazing food, impressive culture, and fabulously dressed citizens. The city of love becomes the doorway to your classroom at The Sorbonne (that’s the University of Paris to the uninitiated).

The Lourve in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Among some of the most competitive universities in the western world, these schools only accept the highest GPAs. Work hard and you can enjoy classes that open directly onto the street, meshing the university bustle with everyday city life.

Du Sacre Coeur in Paris, France abroad.

Sit in sun-drenched lecture rooms before ducking out and riding the metro to restaurants serving some of the richest food you’ll ever taste. The Bastille, the Latin Quarter, Montmarte, and various other neighborhoods are all at your fingertips with the Navigo metro pass.

Paris Metro Abroad

Spend your days sitting at cafes arguing about French philosophers, hear your heels clink against the ancient cobblestone streets, and find yourself hosting a picnic at the stone steps of the Sacre Coeur. You’ll come home with stronger French and a refined palette.

It’s a city that’s inspired culture all over the word, including here at myWebRoom – which I’m sure you can tell from our Oh, Paris! collection.

Lille, France

If you’re drawn to the beauty and sophistication of Paris but are wary of that infamous Parisian attitude, you could take a semester at the Université Catholique de Lille. Increase your savvy in Business, expand you knowledge of engineering, or study journalistic integrity – these are the university’s three strongest majors.

Lille architecture arches abroad.

This Northern French city boasts the similar cobbled streets, expansive art museums, delectable foods, amazing shopping, and spirited nightlife as Paris.

Lille France streets abroad

Neighboring Flemish influences permeate every aspect of the city’s culture and creates a more welcoming environment!

Lille monument France abroad

Berlin, Germany

Here’s something you might not know: Berlin doesn’t sleep. This city is famous for night-long raves and week-long pub crawls. It’s home to the Free University of Berlin.

Berlin riechtag abroad

That’s right! Tuition is completely free; take any course and only pay for housing and a rail pass. Take a seat at the university’s library, affectionately known as “The Brain,” and befriend a fellow classmate.

Library university Berlin Freie.

Travel the all-night Autobahn and cruise past miles of the city’s funky, industrial pink pipes. Explore the many different neighborhoods and sample some of the best strudel you’ll ever taste. Venture under train stations and sample a burger at the famous Burgermeister! Stride into the miles-long Tiergarten to explore quiet wooded paths, find a hidden zoo, pay respect to fallen World War II soldiers, and gaze upon the towering Victory Column at the heart of the park.

Berlin Tiergarten Germany abroad

Munich, Germany

While Berlin’s a modern, completely rebuilt city, Munich may be more your city if you crave a mask of modernity resting on historic architecture on your semester abroad.

Munich Ludwin Maximilian University

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich sits in a regal building of stone spires and arching ceilings. The elegant campus is home to the friendliest international program and offers the greatest number of English-led classes in Germany. LMU Munich is ideal for any student hesitant to speak anything but their native tongue.

Munich Germany study abroad

This school sits in the capital of Bavaria and is home to the world famous Oktoberfest. Bust out a pair of lederhosen, split open a savory bockwurst, dance with your fellow revelers, and buckle on down for your classes in this vibrant city!

Munich Oktoberfest study abroad

 Florence, Italy

Lorenzo de’ Medici School

The Renaissance was born right here! Aspiring artists and philosophers can spend a semester at Lorenzo de’ Medici School – The Italian International Institute – and learn about cooking, art history, and the liberal arts. Explore this tiny city and visit the world’s largest collection of enlightened sculptors, thinkers, and painters at countless museums and studios.

Lorenzo de’ Medici in florence, italy

Bask in the city sun with your housemate, go out and taste genuine Italian gelato, or head out to the Tuscan country side.

Florence gelato italy study

 Rome, Italy

Streets in Rome, Italy study abroad

I’ve got a bizarre obsession with Roman history, so no list of Italian recommendations would be complete without a mention of this glorious, crumbling city! Rome was the capital to one of the greatest civilizations, the birthplace of extraordinary architecture, and still remains home to a beautiful and thriving culture. Study at the American University of Rome to work towards your degree and learn more about this amazing city! Fear not, the school is taught entirely in English.

rome st. Petersburg study

The noticeable lack of public transportation, coupled with the pedestrian-friendly streets means you’ll be doing a lot of walking. But on the bright side, you’ll stumble across the most wonderful ruins, cafes, and people!

inside the Roman Colosseum.

Come on, you’ll always have the chance to stroll past the Colosseum, stride into the Vatican, and lie back and gaze at the Sistine chapel. 

Students statues rome abroad

Study Abroad in Africa

Not familiar with Africa? Well if you’re wondering where to study abroad you should consider one of the most beautiful continents on the planet – and home to some fantastic schools.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Port Elizabeth South Africa

Like the man it’s named after, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University focuses on social justice across its wide array of departments. Study liberal arts, math, science, or technology among the sprawling grasslands of South Africa.

Visit all the nature reserves in Port St. Lucie. Check out all the best places to study abroad at the myWebRoom Blog.

Take a break and visit nature reserves. You’re close to many renowns preservations that welcome visitors. Spend a week roaming the African plains alongside jungle cats, elephants, and zebras. Or spend a weekend sprawled out along the shore, your eyes peeled for the perfect wave.

Study abroad at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. See more places to study internationally at the myWebRoom Blog!

 Cape Town, South Africa

Cape town, South Africa.

Step away from the wild of the port and consider spending a semester in the oldest city in South Africa. Gorgeous Cape Town lays nestled between Table Mountain and the sprawling Altlantic Ocean, meaning you’ll get spectacular views in every direction. This city houses two wonderful universities within its city limits.

Cape town architecture statue

Choose to familiarize yourself with South African culture at the University of Cape Town, which sits at the foot of the mountains and offers daily excursions to its onsite nature reserve!

Cape Town Hiking students

Or settle down to discuss Politics and Social Sciences at the University of the Western Cape. Among their alumni stand great leaders in social and academic reforms. Let their struggles and achievements influence your mind as you strive to change the world after a semester at this inspiring university.

cape town stadium

Study Abroad in Asia

I couldn’t compile a list like this without giving you tips on where to go in Asia! Here’s a selection of schools and cities that are both well-known and off the beaten path.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok brides temples abroad

Calling all science majors! You get really exciting territory at Mahidol University! This beautiful campus houses amazing labs, state-of-the-art classrooms, and a campus floating on natural waterways!

Bangkok college university study

Although this university offers courses in teaching and literature, their pharmacy and biology programs make this the ideal school for all you mad (physical) scientists. Dart to class between two campuses and admire that brilliant sky!

Bangkok oceanfront study abroad

While you’re here, don’t forget to appreciate the food and culture. The various temples boast beautiful architecture and house the most generous and kind monks. This city is sure to stay with you long after you’ve boarded your flight home. 

Temples in Bangkok abroad

Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Chiang Mai University abroadBetter yet, launch yourself from the familiar and tackle learning Thai at Chiang Mai University. This small university rests in the cultural capital of Thailand and is home to extraordinary programs in medicine, science, and engineering.

Chiang Mai lanterns

Visit the many temples. Barter over fresh foods at the daily market and learn to cook pad thai. Or better yet, venture out into the countryside, roam the peaks, and seek out the many Buddha icons carved deep within those mountain ranges.

2013-11-14 Thailand Day 07, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai

 Shanghai,  China

Shanghai college university abroad

Don’t think we forgot about all of you business, economics, and political science majors. East China Normal University is smack dab in the middle of a sprawling metropolitan city and is the perfect place to spend abroad.

shanghai channel college normal

Focused mostly on business courses, this university doesn’t separate nature from your studies. The campus is cradled by rivers. Dense foliage hangs overhead.

Shanghai recreation study abroad

Take a step back from the bustle of industry for a moment of contemplation before exploring the sights, sounds, and tastes of Shanghai. This busy city was home to the 2010 World Expo for a reason! Briskly walk past the jammed streets and sample the foods set out on display. You’ll sample ample dim sum and roasted treats!

Shanghai Street Food vendor

 Chengdu, China

Chengdu sichuan university

StudyAtomic and Molecular Physics at Sichuan University and spend your weekends with giant pandas! The city of Chengdu is home to the largest panda reserve in the world and houses up to 80% of the world’s remaining pandas!

Chengdu courtyard university abroad

Spend your semester learning about Chinese culture  and language or wrestling with Matter Theory from within the walls of the university and its on-site museum. Learn from the city itself! Invest in a bike and ride through the modernized streets, challenge a local at one of the many popular mahjong cafes, or brave a ride through mountain trails for access to spectacular views of the countryside.

chengdu cycling mountains abroad


Study Abroad in Zealandia

Zealandia is a continent that’s mostly submerged in the ocean but it still holds some great cities and universities with fantastic study abroad programs.

Hamilton, New Zealand

hamilton waikato university
We’re finally back to an English-speaking country! Like its British cousin, New Zealand is a great place to go for someone who doesn’t want to have to assimilate a new language. The countless rivers, hiking trails, and extracurricular activities near the University of Waikato makes this the perfect location for the active adventurer.

Hamilton cottage lakeside in New Zealand.

Don’t let the good times fool you, this university knows how to get down to business. In fact, it has Triple Crown accreditation status, which is one of the most difficult achievements. Less than 1% of business schools worldwide have that dignity.

Blink in the dazzling sunlight as you step out of courses ranging from the humanities to sciences to engineering and dash off to compete in the city’s soap car derby, learn native dances, or feed your cinephile love at the nearby Lord of the Rings set with your fellow students!

hamilton hobbiton study abroad

Wellington, New Zealand

Hamilton is just a little country village compared to the capital, Wellington. This sprawling city is home to two well known colleges. Crack open tomes of antiquated laws and participate in spirited mock trials at the Victorian University. Or step into the Wellington branch of Massey University and specialize in media studies, music, or design.

Massey university Wellington study abroad

This city offers all of the adventurous outdoor activities at Hamilton in addition to fine dining, boutiques, and multiple vineyards. Take a course in any major and enjoy the streaming sun at this seaside city.


Study Abroad in South America

If people ask why you want to study abroad, just show them some of the amazing sights you’ll be a part of once you settle on which amazing place you want to visit. South America alone has so many beautiful, sprawling cities that I had a hard time picking which ones to suggest. Here we go…

Cusco, Peru

Cuzco rooftops morning Peru

We’re so close to home now! Head down to South America and conquer the steep Andes near the National University of Saint Anthony the Abbot in Cusco. Phew, what a mouthful. But look at how pretty the city is.

Cuzco street trolley abroad

Take classes with a focus on race and society, liberal art students are encouraged to explore the streets. This Latin American city holds an interesting blend of indigenous and colonialist architecture. You’ll browse through the greatest street markets, interact with llama herders, and buy fresh skeins of yarn from traditional weavers as you stride along these cobbled streets.

Cuzco weaving traditional study

Take a risk and sample the national drink, the Peruvian Pisco Sour. Venture out to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. Meet the locals! By the end of your semester, you won’t want to leave.

Wellington oceanfront New Zealand

Lima, Peru

Or find the same Peruvian thrill in the capital of Peru, Lima. This industrial city still holds on to its traditional roots to make a wonderful blend of the old and new. One of the most generous cities to study abroad, Lima offers study abroad courses from three different universities.

Lima center city study abroad

Choose to focus on medicine at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, study Spanish literature and Peruvian Culture at Universidad del Pacífico, or delve into religion and liberation theology at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú.

Lima Peru fountain.

While you can explore all the museums and crumbling churches, Lima is perhaps best known for its white sandy beaches, towering skyscrapers, and temperate weather. It is home to some of the largest and most colorful festivals that side of the Amazon. Weave your way past dancers and bands and make the most out of this semester abroad!

Lima festival street abroad

Get Ready!

ISA TodayPrepare yourself! I suggest you check out more study abroad programs at ISA Today. Just be sure read up on applications, travel documents, and your school’s requirements before you jettison off! Explore their hand picked flights, restaurants, and local attractions to get a better feel for your favorite cities. So what are you waiting for? Go explore the world!


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