The myWebRoom Best content Of 2015

We see lots of awesome stuff here at myWebRoom, so we’ve decided to round up the best articles, videos, sources, and other content that we’ve discovered throughout the year to help you take a look back at 2015.


1. Food – Kath Eats Real Food

We’re in love with the healthy (yes, ACTUALLY healthy) and simple food recipes we find at Kath’s blog. Ulike a lot of bloggers, she has a huge amount of recipes on her site, which helps us keep our stomachs full but our clothing sizes small.

Our favorite food blog features delicious recipes for things like this shrimp salad.


2. Entertainment – Aisha Harris

If you’re into funny, thoughtful opinions and love entertainment then Aisha Harris is someone you should be following. Her work on Slate is always fresh and provides good commentary on both social issues and the roller-coaster ride that is the entertainment industry.

Furiosa is undoubtedly one of the toughest women in action history. See who else made the cut.


Motivation – The Productivityist

Getting your dreams going sometimes needs a little help – and that’s where Mide Vardy’s site Productivityist comes in handy. We found this when looking for tools to help people in school and beyond achieve their goals. The site offers great products and lessons, but also has an extremely helpful blog and podcast that are full of great tips and guides on how to be productive.

How to get what you want done the right way at Productivityist.


Fashion – WornOnTV

All of the fashionistas we know are avid fans of many TV shows and are always getting inspiration from their favorite characters’ wordrobes. Worn was something we found that lets people find outfits based on things, well, worn on TV. You can easily search by show and then find the episode you saw that amazing outfit on. These range from high-end fashion to obtainable and budget-friendly alternatives. This is a great resource for the trendsetter in all of us.

Find the style of the celebrities you love at Worn On TV.


Apps & Gadgets – Prynt

One of the coolest gadgets that we’ve seen this year is the Prynt phone case. This is a vast improvement on a lot of the technology that we’ve seen out there to print images fast. There’s no ink cartridges involved and the case is sleek and cool-looking. Prynt also utilizes augmented reality to add videos to your printed images.


College Life – AdmitSee

Looking to make a few bucks in college? Maybe looking for tips on how to write a good college application? AdmitSee is a network that pays college students to show off good tips and examples of applications for universities. Views on profiles get them $1-$5 and gets user access to content that has helped many people get admitted to colleges.

AdmitSee helps students get into the colleges the want.

Image Via: TechCrunch


Shopping – Findsubscriptionboxes

Subscription box popularity is exploding! With a so many options out there, it’s hard to find the one for you. Findsubscriptionboxes categorizes the wide variety of boxes out there. Users can rank the services to help you find the best ones.  

Find awesome subscription boxes that will fit your needs.

Image via:



Photography –

We see a lot of photography out there, but stuck out. The site offers a wide variety of cool galleries to help inspire budding photographers and browsers alike. However, you can also find awesome blogs and tutorials on how to improve your picture-taking skills and even keeps up with news within the photography industry.

Image via: (image by Michael Shainblum)

Image via: (image by Michael Shainblum)


Life Hacks – The Simple Dollar

It’s always good to have a source where you can learn new ways to make life easier. The Simple Dollar is all about exposing people to awesome life hacks that can help people improve their lives in areas like college, finance, and insurance. This site is awesome for people looking for legit life hacks that help you in the long run.

breaking bad money


Travel – What A Trip

There are a lot of travel blogs out there but we were fascinated by travel blogger Nancy Brown, who travels around the world documenting her experience – but with a twist. Nancy travels around looking for luxury accommodations and equestrian-related activities. Exploring the world on horseback and in style really struck us as a unique way to travel.

Travel in luxury with travel blogger Nancy Brown.

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You can find all of these links in this folder full of our picks from 2015. Do you have any sites you want us to add? Let us know.

Kath Eats Real Food

Aisha Harris

The Productivityist





The Simple Dollar

What A Trip