The Latest Trends in Denim Clothing and Design

Denim is a fashion statement that has done it all. From accessories to mini skirts to the huge mistake made by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, there is very little that this fabric has not done. Everyone knows you need at least one pair of designer jeans that fit perfectly, but street style experts have been strutting their stuff in more than just your standard pair of skinny jeans. While this type of variety is expected in the world of women’s fashion, (much to our surprise) denim is becoming a staple in home decor, too. Who knew that your couch could rock a pair of jeans as good as you do?! We sure didn’t, but after stalking various interior design and fashion bloggers, websites, and influencers, we discovered that denim looks AMAZING almost anywhere. Get inspired below!

Cute Denim Fashion Trends

Denim overalls seem to never go away in fashion.

Denim has always been a major fashion staple, but it can be hard to get creative. When most people think denim, they simply think “my favorite jeans.” Those jeans that make your butt look fab are definitely a requirement in your closet, but there is so much more you can do with this versatile fabric. Check out these styles to discover what you can do to stand out.

Double down on denim street style fashion.

Style No.1: Denim on Denim

Justin and Britney may have made this seem like a really bad idea, but head-to-toe denim can be oh so chic.

Denim overalls make for awesome fashion design.

Going professional with the denim.

Wearing a dark wash with a light adds sophisticated taste while a matching ensemble has effortless style.

Dark wash denim with light gives a classy look.

Tops and bottoms in a wide range of jean tones helped us to notice the versatility of denim.

Two toned denim outfit.


Style No. 2: 90s-Inspired

Remember back in the day when you wore overalls and jean dresses to elementary school?

Denim jean dress. Fashion on the street.

Well guess what?? They have made a comeback! We were also skeptical at first, but these images have us in love! Dust off your jean skirts, ladies! Thought the 90s would never return?? As if!!

Jean skirts can even help you keep that professional look.

Style No. 3: Denim on Top

Denim isn’t here to only to make those legs look great. Some closet must-haves are making a major comeback, like the jean jacket, chambray tops, and button-ups.

Chambray paired with skirt street style fashion.

These items can add fun and variety to your wardrobe. Check them out and prepare for a shopping spree! 

Jean jackets will always be in style.

Denim top for street style fashion.

Denim fashion tops for women.

Style No. 4: Denim on Bottom

Here is where denim gets a little crazy! There is so much you can do when rocking denim on bottom.

Jean shorts work in any weather given the necessary accompaniment.

Jean styles alone come in some many different shapes, fits, and shades. Throw in some edgy skirts and jean shorts styled for summer and winter wear, and you won’t need to add anything else to your closet. What else could you possibly need??

skinny jeans street styleGrab your boyfriend style jeans and hit the streets!

Rock that professional look with a nice jean skirt. INTERIOR DESIGN

We really had no idea that denim could ever be incorporated in home design in a stylish and chic way. A jean couch?? Absolutely not, we thought. But boy were we wrong. after exploring the web, we found some creative and lovely ways to decorate your home with denim. From couches to rugs to adorable throw pillows, denim has taken interior design by storm. 

Style your room with a denim chair.

 Do you like to incorporate your boho chic style into your home? Here is a perfect example of doing just that. This chair was crafted with strips of recycled denim and made into a one-of-a-kind reading spot. What a fun project for a DIY-er! 

Cascadia denim rug for cozy rooms.

I’m sure that when you thought about how a denim rug would look, this was not what you envisioned. This stylish rug is perfect for a room inspired by minimalism or contemporary design.

Classic comfort with a denim couch.

 Here’s a denim twist on a classic look! Tufted couches are the queens of the sofa family, and queens typically don’t wear jeans. By the look of this couch, perhaps they should! The elegance and timeless style is in no way lost because of its denim fabric.

Denim couch in a modern interior home.   Denim gets classy again! We love how the deep blue of this couch adds understated color to this contemporary decor scheme. Nice touch! 

Industrial denim interior design.

 Incorporating denim into industrial style is easier than expected. The shades of blue compliment worn steel and draw attention to bold, metal furniture.

More Style Inspiration!

Our shopping list is now very lengthy thanks to our new obsession with the return of denim! We want it in our closets just as much as we need it in our rooms. The list of must-haves can get intimidating, so why not start with a DIY?! Check out Architecture Art Design for 20 amazing DIY denim ideas!

Architectural art design with denim.

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Rock those knee-high boots with some awesome denim overall shorts!


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Denim headphones from Urbanears. Fashion model featuring the Gola denim shoes. Denim chair from the myWebRoom collection!

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