The 15 Most Addicting Things About Playing Fantasy Sports

In the last ten or so years, fantasy sports has become one of the biggest online industries in the world. Combining all the appeal of a Vegas sportsbook with all the comforts of your own home, it’s no wonder fantasy sports have proven so tempting for so many people. Whether you’re playing football, baseball, basketball, or hockey, these are the most addicting things about playing?


1. Squeezing The Perfect Pun Into Your Team Name

When you pull up your league page for the first time you can almost predict the final standings based just on who put in the most effort into their team name: While “No Suh For You” is a good bet to be a strong contender all season, whoever owns “Bill’s Good Team” probably won’t even update their roster. Gridiron Experts has a complete list of Seinfeld inspired fantasy football team names to help you get inspired!

Get help naming your fantasy football team so it's perfect.


2. Obsessively Preparing For Your In-Person Live Draft

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, the first step to dominating your league is dominating your draft. Once your spreadsheets are ready, take a look at what Rob Vold at LeagueSafe Post has to say about draft strategy. He may be a football expert, but sage advice like running your own mock draft and thinking about team quality on top of player talent will guarantee your draft success in any sport. He also has some great advice for winning your auction drafts.

What makes fantasy football so addicting? Competition.


3. Being In First Place Even Though You Replaced Every Player With Free Agents

You dominate your draft, bask in the glow of your league championship before you even set a lineup, and then watch the whole thing implode in week one because you forgot to check the injury reports. As Matt Reevy at Cheat Sheet points out, all that insane prep you do for your draft will go so wrong so fast, and you’ll just look like a jerk for trying so hard in the first place.

Figure out how to replace players when you don't know what you're doing in fantasy football.


4. Winning Big Fantasy Sports Cash

Daily fantasy takes everything that’s good about fantasy sports and adds pure, uncut, instant gratification. Ed Miller at Daily Fantasy Talk helps to break down the math behind taking home the big prizes in these massive tournaments, for anyone serious about making some serious cash. Or, you could just win $1 million the first time you ever even try.

Make money fast with fantasy sports.


5. Poring Over The Stats Because You Just Can’t Stop

The struggle is real. Your team is good, but it could be better. It could always be better. Somewhere in free agency is a player nobody else in your league realizes is about to break out, and all you need to do to find that player is to look hard enough. And whether you’re playing fantasy football, baseball, basketball, or hockey, Sports Reference is the single most comprehensive source for statistics online.

Obsessive football fan stats - and where to get them.


6. Scouring The Headlines Because The Stats Aren’t Good Enough

Some things just don’t show up in the box score. An injury, a coaching change, a favorable matchup, or even a good week of practice can be all the information you need to start that sleeper over your usual star, but you’ll never know any of that if you aren’t connected to the 24-hour news cycle. You need a source like Football Diehards that collects and provides fantasy analysis for all of the most important news stories as they happen.

Where to obsessively keep up with football headlines.


7. Finding Tips Online To Help You Win

You know the numbers and you know the news, but without a little more help it’s all still just guesswork on your part. Everyone else in your league is already using all the major apps, so how do you get back your advantage? You find something like the Fantasy Assistant from Fantasy Sports Portal, which you can connect your teams to in order to get specialized advice on trades and matchups instantly.

Find Fantasy Football Tips Online


8. Keeping Up With The Top Fantasy Sports Podcasts

With sports talk radio, you might get five minutes of chatter for every twenty you’re on the road, but a good podcast makes the most of every last second. Here are some of the best.

  • Baseball HQ Radio: Patrick Davitt and his expert guests break down all the top fantasy baseball news and strategy.
  • Football Guys: Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom bring their signature style and expert NFL knowledge to your ears.
  • The Fantasy Hoops Insider: Season-long NBA and Daily Fantasy hosted by John Hayes and Earl Exman.
  • The Rotowire Podcast Network: From football to baseball to college basketball to hockey, Rotowire had an expert podcast for any fantasy interest.

Check out all the best fantasy sports podcasts you'll ever need.


9. Knocking The Stuffing Out Of Your League With Your Superior Sabermetric Knowledge

Advanced stats and the world of Sabermetrics are all the rage, and knowing the difference between RBI and WAR (or being able to debate the merits of fWAR over rWAR) might be the difference between first and last place in today’s fantasy world. Fantasy Sports Portal has a useful guide for the beginning Sabermetrician.

Use sabermetrics to get your board rankings up in fantasy sports.


10. Beating The Saber Nerds In Your League Because Prince Fielder Doesn’t Need 6 WAR To Be A Fantasy Stud

David Ware at The Hardball Times efficiently summarizes the arguments baseball purists make against Sabermetrics in his tongue-in-cheek takedown of the practice, but it’s also true that when your league counts RBI and pitcher wins instead of OBP and K/9, a masher in the middle of a strong lineup will get you more fantasy points than some high wOBA scrapper with crazy range.

Are sabermetrics overrated? See how to use stats to win at fantasy football!


11. Winning Your League When You Didn’t Even Draft A QB

You watched while your friends wasted first round picks on Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. You laughed when they filled their QB2 slots with Sam Bradford and Nick Foles. Then you went on the waiver wire and picked up Andy Dalton, and when he got hurt you followed the good advice at Pro Football Focus and streamed Kirk Cousins. But who got the last laugh?

How to get those winning moves in fantasy sports.


You did, of course.


12. Spending Way Too Much Time Getting Your Master’s Degree In Bracketology

After football ends but before baseball begins, you have March Madness to sate your hunger for fantasy glory, and you go all out. You join an office pool, a family pool, a friendly pool, a money pool, and a public pool. You read everything you can find, and then you grab The Fake Basketball’s NCAA Tournament Cheat Sheet to make sure your brackets are for real.

Learn how to become a fantasy football expert.


13. Picking A 16 To Beat A 1 Every Year Because, Come On, They’re Due

Sure, a 16 seed has never beaten a 1 seed in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, but that just means it’s bound to happen soon, right? There are worse ways to fill out your bracket, anyway, as Karim Kazemi at Thought Catalog is all too happy to point out.

When you're taking risks at fantasy sports.


14. Scratching The Unscratchable Itch By Joining That Fantasy Hockey League After All

Fantasy football was your gateway game, and then you got sucked into the seedy world of fantasy baseball. When you joined the basketball league, you promised yourself that was the end. But then you started to feel it again, the itch. So you pulled up The Fake Hockey in your browser, learned the basics, and swore that it would never go any further than that.

Places to get that fantasy football fix.


15. Pretending Like You Haven’t Hit Rock Bottom When You Break Down And Google The NASCAR Leaderboard Just To Get Another Fix

It’s just one more sport, one little itty bitty sport to hold you over until August. It’s not so bad, really. Lots of people look at the NASCAR leaderboard every day. You’re just like them. A regular person doing a regular thing. But then you realize you just called driving in circles a sport…

fantasy football laptop

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