The Taylor Swift Room Design Winners!

We wanted the input of designers to help update our Taylor Swift inspired room and you delivered! Our Taylor Swift room went from a home fit for a down-home country girl to the stylish abode of a dazzling pop icon. We couldn’t have done it without the winners of our Polyvore contest winners. Who won? Check it out:

First place goes to fabricfabriik, who designed a set that is as perfect as Taylor’s eyeliner. This set reflects her Tribeca home in New York City – complete with red velvet and cat-centric accessories.

Taylor Swift's Tribeca Loft

Taylor Swift’s Tribeca Loft by fabricfabriik


Fabricfabriik wasn’t alone in the great design ideas. We also want to acknowledge the expert eyes of these style experts:


Taylor2 by polybaby


189 S 13th Street, New York 10009

189 S 13th Street, New York 10009 by wildleopard

Thanks for participating! You can now visit the NEW Taylor Swift Room here. Click around her room to open feeds of news, gossip, music videos, style articles, picture sets, and more! Want to have this room as your very own? Click here to make Taylor’s room yours!