The Top 10 Reddit Memes Of All Time

Whether you know this or not, your life has almost certainly been touched by the influence of Reddit. The socially-aggregated news site has been going strong since 2005 and growing in popularity at an increasing rate since then. The users range from avid to fanatical and post news tidbits and useful/funny information constantly. And the site is also one of the sites that generates the most memes on the internet.

If you’ve ever seen any image macro picture, it either was originally posted on Reddit or has its roots in the Reddit community. Disagree? Check out these meme tropes and see if you’ve ever been exposed before.


1. Bad Luck Brian

Poor Brian. He’s always the innocent guy who goes into a situation and gets burned by it. Have you ever been anxious about something and your brain generates the worst possible thing that could happen? Bad Luck Brian exists in that worst of all possible worlds. We’ve all had a BLB day. If you like FML, you’ll like anything Brian does.


Bad Luck Brian


Don’t feel too bad for laughing, though. Kyle Craven, the man behind the meme, was always in on the joke.


2. Scumbag Steve

Where Brian is innocent Steve is the worst possible person. Ever. That guy who cuts off an emergency vehicle so he can make a right turn first? Steve. He’s the jerk who seems to get away with horrible things people SHOULD get caught for. Steve is the worst.


Scumbag Steve


Fun fact: The infamous photo of Blake Boston, who would become Scumbag Steve, was actually taken by his mom.


3. Insanity Wolf

The wolf is for those things people do that border on self-destruction. Those people that seem to break the rules of safety or social protocol end up as an Insanity Wolf. I’m guessing a lot of these happen from desperation, drunkenness and cockyness. Don’t like Insanity Wolf? According to Know Your Meme, his cousin Courage Wolf might be more your speed.


Insanity Wolf


4. Confession Bear

Perhaps the most fascinating meme. These are either attempts to get attention or desperate cries for absolution. These are generally confessions of absolute awfulness and depravity. Often, they are just admissions of honest opinions that are unpopular even to the most politically incorrect person.


Confession Bear


Sometimes, though, the mystery that is Confession Bear deepens, like this bizarre story that went all the way to the FBI.


5. Overly Attached Girlfriend

This is a meme to echo those creepy things that significant others say that border on the “too soon.” Ever been in a relationship where the other person seems to think things are progressing far too quickly? This is the meme for them. These people go from dating to having kids in under 60 seconds. Beware.


Overly Attached Girlfriend


Like Bad Luck Brian, though, Overly Attached Girlfriend was meant as a joke from the start, and creator Laina Morris has turned her viral status into comedy success.


6. Sudden Clarity Clarence

Ever pieced something together that revealed a larger truth about your life? Here’s where that comes in. It’s fun to see people get that amazed look in their eyes with sudden realization. Clarence is here to document that. Want more from Clarence? Complex has compiled 50 of the very best uses of this meme.


Sudden Clarity Clarence


7. Good Guy Greg

GGG is here to help you out even though it may inconvenience him. Why? Because he’s a good guy, dummy. When someone does a nice thing just because you’re a human being and that’s how people are supposed to treat each other – that is an example of a Good Guy Greg. These are heartwarming moments of shared kindness. He’s the polar opposite to Scumbag Steve.


Good Guy Greg


Think you’ve seen Good Guy Greg around town? Maybe you could be the first one to figure out who he really is!


8. Sophisticated Cat

It should probably be mentioned: Redditors love cats. They can’t get enough of them. To that end, there is Sophisticated Cat, who is here to give voice to the things people should be doing with their time other than lounging. His ideas range from the far-fetched to the obnoxiously obvious. Oh, those things you think while not being productive.


Sophisticated Cat


The first Sophisticated Cat meme featured the dapper cat deciding whether or not to get a boat, and this story has a happy ending: after some careful financial planning, he finally got it.


9. [10] Guy

On a scale of 1 to 10 how high is this guy? Ten. These are the moments when that stoner friend says something so completely ridiculous in the moment that you have to question his sanity. He probably thinks he’s having a Sudden Clarity Clarence moment, but in reality he’s trying to put a square peg into a triangular hole. Poor [10] guy. No matter how brilliant some think he is, the truth is he’s just high.


[10] Guy


10. Confession Kid

Much more innocent than Confession Bear. This is just for that obvious stuff that you didn’t realize the truth behind when you were younger. Like the fact that thunder isn’t God farting or your parents sending you to a friend’s house for a night was so they could have a “date night.” Yeah. There’s a lot more going on when you’re a kid that you didn’t realize. Want more Confession Kid? We have more Confession Kid.


Confession Kid


Now when you see these pop up on Facebook or Pinterest you won’t attribute it to the person who is putting it on their wall. Thanks, Reddit, you’re making the internet a little bit more of a pleasant place. And a more awful place at the same time, I guess. Cheers!


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