10 Exciting Things You May Not Know About Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead Season 6’s midseason premiere is almost here so to help you get hyped for your favorite show, we rounded up the 10 most exciting things that you need to know! We must give a quick warning, there may be spoilers in this post.


1. One Walking Dead Character Is Set To Return As a Walker

There have been so many deaths over the course of 6 ½ seasons that it’s about time one of the survivors return as a walker! This upcoming midseason premiere has promised to have at least one Walking Dead character appear as a zombie!

Walking Dead Walker

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2. Negan Makes His Anticipated Debut

A character from The Walking Dead comic series is set to make his debut on the small screen. Negan, who is described as jolly, yet savage man who enjoys violence is definitely going to shake up what happens on the season 6 finale. We don’t want to spoil too much, but if you know what he does in the comic book, you want to start getting nervous now.

Walking Dead Negan

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3. Norman Reedus Aka Daryl Promises a Huge Fight With Negan

If there was any doubt that Negan was going to create waves amongst the survivors, Norman Reedus puts those doubts to rest. From this interview, it sounds like some of the Walking Dead there will be plenty of shocking deaths of characters not only new characters, but characters that we’ve grown to love.

Walking Dead Norman Reedus

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4. The Walking Dead Is Going To Keep On Surviving

Well if you were looking for good news then you’d be happy to know that AMC has no plans to end The Walking Dead anytime soon! This is great news considering the series has incredible ratings season after season and it even has successful spin-offs.

Walking Dead Rick

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5. Expect a Shift In The Balance Between Good and Evil

As we’ve previously mentioned that Negan is most likely going to be shaking up things in a bad way, but another new character may be doing the opposite. Jesus, a recruiter for Hilltop has been slowly putting together a civilization that aims to rescue humanity. This juxtaposition between good and evil will add a great dynamic to the show and we’re sure that the survivors are going to be right in the middle when you know what hits the fan!

Walking Dead Jesus

Image via: The Bitbag


6. There’s A Major Death On The Horizon

The news has been leaked that a major character will die this season, but no one knows who! There are a ton of theories floating around, but I’m sure that the writers of The Walking Dead won’t make it that easy.

Walking Dead Cast

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7. Possible Return of the Wolves?

When season 6a ended there was one last wolf, but that’s a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. If this character wasn’t intended to play a pivotal role in season 6b, then why keep them around?

Walking Dead Wolves

Image via: AMC


8. We Demand More Daryl!

Fans of Norman Reedus’ character Daryl, were upset at the lack of their on-screen hero, but don’t fret. Season 6b will have so much Daryl that you won’t even know what to do with it!

Walking Dead Daryl

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9. Alicia Witt Joins The Survivors!

If Negan and Jesus wasn’t enough for you, Alicia Witt will be joining The Walking Dead. Her resume includes Justified, Friday Night Lights, Nashville, Ally McBeal and so much more.  As far as right now goes there is no information about who she is going to play, but that’s great isn’t it? A little mystery before the season starts is a good thing!

Walking Dead Alicia Witt

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10. The Walking Dead Video Games Are Back!

Okay this may not be about season 6, but we are pretty stoked about this news! Telltale is not only making one, but two Walking Dead games! The first one features Michonne and is a mini-series that only includes three episodes opposed to the normal 5. The good news is that this mini-series will bridge the gap between season 2 and the unannounced season 3!

Walking Dead Michonne

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